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About Us:

America Asia Business Together – Boston (AABT) is a do Business as of PattyC Group for Asia.

America Asia  Business Together (AABT-Boston) provides superior service for entrepreneurs and companies who are interested in real estate businesses including real estate transaction services, business collaborations, and strategic alliances in North America. AABT-Boston is an excellent venue to explore new business opportunities and networking. We help clients to connect with the right partners in order achieve mutual growth and synergistic prosperity in the era of global cooperation. Custom supporting and business presentations are arranged to suit personal interests, tastes and investment goals. AABT-Boston is also well positioned, with internationally recognized educational partners, to guide our clients to the right educational institutions for their children. Our goal is to promote a high quality life for the people that we care for while enjoying the process along the way.

(photos)We invited the Chairman of the online real estate business company- SouFun Holdings Ltd. (shoufun.com)-Vincent Mo ( 搜房网控股董事长莫天全) to  US .

With our extended network and experience in both countries, we have been very successful to bring Chinese business people to the US.   We organized real estate business meetings in Boston with other groups and invited  the executives of real estate companies in China. Among them, Mr. Wang Shi (王石) who is the Board Chairman of Shenzhen Vanke Co., Ltd, the biggest real estate company in China;  Mr. Guangchang Guo (郭广昌) Chairman & CEO, Fosun International Limited, Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce; the Chairman of China’s online real estate business company- SouFun Holdings Ltd. (soufun.com)-Vincent Mo ( 搜房网控股董事长莫天全). We have established a great strategic partnership with Hurun Report (known as the Fortune Magazine of China), Hurun (胡润) who is the  publisher of the annual China Rich List in China.


To provide personalized and an excellent full-service experience for all people. We enable people to take usage of every minute in the United States to obtain the most of business opportunities and enjoyment.


  • serving through real estate businesses and help to have quality of life for all people in the US.
  • Assisting Asian entrepreneurs and arranging business-support and family-support to the U.S.A.

Our services – simply one stop:

  • Real estate business full services
  • Real estate transaction online platform
  • Management and brokerage
  • Business support, training, and family-support to the U.S.
  • Serving Chinese students for all educations