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Patty Chen serves as the President of PattyC Property Group (, a company that has been actively involved in commercial, residential, and mixed-use properties since 2001. PattyC Property Group, based in Massachusetts USA, holds a full-service real estate brokerage license within the state. With a diverse portfolio spanning various real estate sectors, Patty Chen’s leadership has steered the company’s success.

Additionally, she is the visionary founder behind America Asia Business Together Group-Boston (AABT-Boston), an dba enterprise dedicated to providing comprehensive, personalized services to Asian entrepreneurs and businesses seeking real estate investment opportunities, immigration services, business collaborations, and strategic alliances between Asia and America. AABT-Boston also facilitates enhanced educational experiences for their children in the United States. Simultaneously, the organization facilitates connections for American entrepreneurs aiming to engage in business ventures in Asia.

Patty Chen’s endeavors have garnered substantial recognition, with her accomplishments featured in esteemed publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, the Seattle Times, China Daily, the Chinese Press, TVB, WBUR, NIKKEI,  Hurun Report, and several other reputable U.S. Japanese, and Chinese media outlets.

Her academic background: encompassing a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago IL. She has pursued a diverse educational path, holding two Bachelor’s degrees—one in macro-economics from Ren Min University of China in Beijing and another related to biology. Patty Chen’s professional journey also includes at the University of Chicago, Harvard Medical School, and DuPont Inc. In these roles, she served as a Senior Research Associate, successfully leading numerous pivotal projects. Due to her exemplary contributions, she was distinguished as an Outstanding Senior Associate and one of leaders within the Asian American Network at DuPont Inc., a testament to her remarkable leadership and impact.

陈艺平(Patty Chen), 1988年7月毕业于中国人民大学获86级国民经济管理双学士学位.她于1989年从中国大陆来到美国. 1997年在美国芝加哥的伊利诺斯理工学院获生物学硕士学位, 2003-2005进修美国MBA. 陈艺平从2001年进驻房地产投资市场并做为创始人,成立 派蒂克房地产集团 (PattyC Property Group), 和美亚商务-波士顿 (America Asia Business Together Group- Boston)。在美国和中国百家报纸, 电台,和网络上报道和转载了陈艺平 (Patty Chen)和本公司为华人来美国做出的杰出贡献, 包括:《华尔街日报》采访;《波士顿环球报》星期日头版;《波士顿杂志》; WBUR波士顿美国国家公共广播电台, TVB 香港電視廣播有限公司, 日本经济新闻社, 和胡润百富专访; 以及《中国日报》美国版采访等。

陈艺平是美国亚洲投资协会会长 (。她曾是美国大波士顿地区商会、威尔斯理市商会和波士顿房地产投资协会会员。陈艺平荣获留美华人企业家联合会终生会员荣誉. 派蒂克房地产集团 (PCPG)是在陈艺平(Patty Chen)总裁领导下的房地产投资公司.主要投资经营出租公寓及商业楼。公 司制定了在美国各地,通过雇用经济、金融、市场、网络、资产评估、资产管理和具体经营方面的专家,以征购出租公寓,商业楼,和房地产经纪为主的战略方针。经验与学历:-投资经商,-房地产经纪,-MBA Program,-硕士。

曾作为资深研究员任职于芝加哥大学,哈佛大学医学院,和杜邦公司,担任重大生物开发项目高级研发工作。 曾是杜邦公司亚裔美籍协会领导者之一。

美亚商务-波士顿(AABT-波士顿) 为中国民营企业家来美国做商务提供个性化的全套服务;使您充分利用在美国的每一分钟, 获得最大的商机和最高档次的享受。 通过房地产投资, 教育考察, 进而在美国投资经商, 子女上学, 购置豪宅, 办理绿卡。主要业务: 1) 投资经商, 2)房地产买卖经纪, 和房地产管理; 3) 子女美国教育. 4)哈佛大学培训/美国商游. 5)全套登陆安居服务