Patty Chen serves as the President of PattyC Property Group (https://pattycproperty.com/), a company that has been actively involved in commercial, residential, and mixed-use properties since 2001. PattyC Property Group, based in Massachusetts USA, holds a full-service real estate brokerage license within the state. With a diverse portfolio spanning various real estate sectors, Patty Chen’s leadership has steered the company’s success. Additionally, she is the visionary founder behind America Asia Business Together Group-Boston (AABT-Boston), an dba enterprise dedicated to providing comprehensive, personalized services to Asian entrepreneurs and businesses seeking real estate investment opportunities, immigration services, business collaborations, and strategic alliances between Asia and America. AABT-Boston also facilitates enhanced educational experiences for their children in the United States. Simultaneously, the organization facilitates connections for American entrepreneurs aiming to engage in business ventures in Asia. Patty Chen’s endeavors have garnered substantial recognition, with her accomplishments featured in esteemed publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, the Seattle Times, China Daily, the Chinese Press, TVB, WBUR, NIKKEI,  Hurun Report, and several other reputable U.S. Japanese, and Chinese media outlets. Her academic background: encompassing a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago IL. She has pursued a diverse educational path, holding two Bachelor’s degrees—one in macro-economics from Ren Min University of China in Beijing and another related to biology. Patty Chen’s professional journey also includes at the University of Chicago, Harvard Medical School, and DuPont Inc. In these roles, she served as a Senior Research Associate, successfully leading numerous pivotal projects. Due to her exemplary contributions, she was distinguished as an Outstanding Senior Associate and one of leaders within the Asian American Network at DuPont Inc., a testament to her remarkable leadership and impact.