Mar. 2010, Chinese investors are coming to the US in 2010 2010年3月, 搜房网控股董事长莫天全受邀请来波士顿

As a host, we invited the Chairman of China’s biggest online real estate business company- SouFun Holdings Ltd. ( Mo ( 搜房网控股董事长-莫天全) to Boston MA, US on the 26-27th of March 2010. We discussed real estate investment issues in some east and west coast cities for commercial properties, like 4 to 5 starts hotels and A-class office buildings in the US. President Patty Chen awarded Vincent Mo Chairman for being an Outstanding American and Chinese Entrepreneur, to recognize him for growing the Company to the largest real estate information provider in China with operations in 104 major cities since 1999 and his company- SouFun organized 40 Chinese investors to tour New York, California, Boston and Las Vegas on Feb. 24-March 6, 2009 for house-buying opportunities in the US. Chairman Vincent Mo is very interested in developing investments in the US.

Vincent Mo also had a speech at the Harvard Asia Business Conference on March 27th, 2010. At the conference, Vincent Mo was very popular. Many people were really concerned and exited about current over priced real estate in China. But he emphasized that China does not have real estate bubble. 300 million people from the countryside are moving into the cities in the recent 10 years and after these 10 years, another 300 million people from countryside will go to the cities for jobs and livings in China. The houses in China are unsaturated. His index institution analyzes data and monitors the real estate market in China. Now, the company operates in 4 segments: New Houses, Research, Resale & Rental, and Home Furnishing covering all areas in real estate and related industries today.

作为东道主,美亚商旅集团-波士顿在2010年3月26- 27日邀请了中国最大房地产互联网公司董事长 – 搜房网控股有限公司( 莫天全(Vincent Mo)到马萨诸塞州波士顿, 并讨论了在美國东部和西部海岸一些城市投资商业地产, 4-5星級酒店,和A级办公大楼的投资合作。搜房网控股公司在中国, 只在十年里,迅速成长为全球最大的房地产家居网络平台,内覆盖了104城 市,5000员工; 在美国, 2009年2月24日至3月6日组织和举办40名中国投资者到纽约,加利福尼亚,波士顿和拉斯维加斯购房。莫天全董事长对发展在美国的商业地产 投资十分感兴趣。陈艺平总裁并授予莫天全董事长杰出美国和中国企业家奖.

2010年3月27日莫天全董事长受邀在哈佛亚洲商业会议上讲话。在次会议上,首次出现中国地产人的身影,莫天全董事长很受欢迎。许多人很关注中国 房地产很高的价格。但他强调,中国没有房地产泡沫。过去20年里,中国有近3亿人口城市化,他们需要住宅、商场和办公楼。 3亿人口,相当于再造一个美国市场,而别人是用200年时间建造的。未来20年,中国还将有2亿多人口城市化,意味着还有一个美国的增量规模。在中国,房 子是不饱和。他的指数研究院对中国房地产市场的数据进行分析和监测。现在,该公司在3个领域:新房、二手房、家居,及涵盖所有房地产领域和相关行业。