June 2024, The US real-estate market is headed for a correction, Yahoo Finance strategist says

2024 年 6月, 雅虎财经策略师表示,美国房地产市场正走向调整


May 2024, Commercial real estate debt is struggling—what a great opportunity: BSP President, Richard Byrne looks at the substantial opportunities for investors in the commercial real estate market, particularly in the multifamily housing sector.

2024 年 5月, 商业房地产债务陷入困境—这是一个绝佳的机会:
BSP 总裁理查德·伯恩 (Richard Byrne) 关注商业房地产市场,尤其是多户住宅领域为投资者带来的巨大机遇。


April 12, 2024, Today, the Harvard College China Forum (HCCF) celebrates its 27th year hosting this prestigious global conference

2024 年 4月 12日, 今天哈佛大学中国论坛庆祝举办第 27 周年这一享有盛誉的全球会议!




Today, the Harvard College China Forum (HCCF) celebrates its 27th year hosting this prestigious global conference. Founded in 1998, ​Harvard College China Forum (former Harvard China Review Annual Conference) is currently the largest China-focused conference in the New England area and annually attracts hundreds of audiences from all over North America. Every spring​ HCCF invite​s the most influential business leaders, policy shapers, and leading scholars to Harvard campus to address current trends and events in a wide range of topics relevant to the development of China today. 

​今天,哈佛大学中国论坛(HCCF)庆祝举办这一享有盛誉的全球会议第 27 周年。哈佛中国论坛(原哈佛中国评论年会)成立于1998年,是目前新英格兰地区最大的以中国为主题的会议,每年吸引来自北美各地的数百名观众。 每年春天,我们都会邀请最有影响力的商界领袖、政策制定者和顶尖学者来到哈佛校园,讨论与当今中国发展相关的广泛主题的当前趋势和事件。




March 2024, Boston is the nation’s hottest housing market.

2024 年 3月, 波士顿是全美最热门的房地产市场

http://Boston is the nation’s hottest housing market

Dec. 2023, MA residents joyfully celebrated Christmas in 2023.

2023 年 12月, 马萨诸塞州居民欢庆 2023 年圣诞节。

Nov. 2023, The Asian Real Estate Professional Association (AREPA) Boston Chapter brought together real estate professionals for networking and is dedicated to serving the greater Boston community.

2023 年 11月, 亚洲房地产专业协会 (AREPA) 波士顿分会汇集了房地产专业人士进行交流,致力于为更大的波士顿社区提供服务。

Oct. 2023, Bostonian entrepreneurs cherish their extraordinary community at Quin House, connecting the world’s most distinguished institutions of higher learning, prestigious companies, and cutting-edge forefront establishments.

2023 年 10月, 波士顿企业家珍视 Quin House 非凡之地,将世界上最杰出的高等教育机构、享有盛誉的公司和最前沿的机构联系在一起。

Sep. 2023, Toured the Guitar Hotel which is a resort situated near Hollywood, Florida, United States, spanning 100 acres. A significant expansion, totaling $1.3 billion, was finalized in October 2019. The resort features a 12-story “classic Hard Rock Hotel” offering 469 guest rooms and suites. Additionally, it boasts an expansive 120,000-square-foot (11,000 m2) meeting space, inclusive of a 38,000-square-foot (3,500 m2) exhibit hall.  

2023 年 9月, 参观了吉他酒店(Guitar Hotel),这是一家位于美国佛罗里达州好莱坞附近的度假村,占地100英亩。 耗资 13 亿美元的重大扩建工程于 2019 年 10 月完成。该度假村拥有一座 12 层的“经典硬石酒店”,提供 469 间客房和套房。 此外,它还拥有 11,000 平方米(120,000 平方英尺)的宽敞会议空间,其中包括 3,500 平方米(38,000 平方英尺)的展厅。

Aug. 2023, Accelerating US economy sideswipes markets


2023 年 8月, 美国经济加速横扫市场

July 2023, New report says real estate agents see the light at the end of the tunnel

2023 年 7月, 新报告称房地产经纪人看到了隧道尽头的曙光


June 2023, Patty Chen received an invitation to the MA State House from State Representative Alice Peisch, where they discussed various issues concerning about the State, the region, and the town of Wellesley.

2023 年 6月, 陈艺平应州代表 Alice Peisch 的邀请,前往马萨诸塞州州议会大厦,在那里他们讨论了有关州, 地区, 和韦尔斯利镇的各种问题。

 May 2023, Patty Chen and PattyC Property Group honored at NYSE 

Patty Chen, a Wellesley resident who runs PattyC Property Group, was recently invited to celebrate Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month at the New York Stock Exchange.

Chen had the opportunity to meet notable AAPI figures, including Bonnie Hyun, who was most recently the head of enterprise tech capital markets at the Exchange, and R’Bonney Gabriel, a fashion designer who was crowned Miss Universe 2022 and Miss USA 2022.


2023 年 5月, 陈艺平总裁和派蒂克房地产集团 荣获纽约证券交易所邀请

韦尔斯利 Wellesley MA 居民Patty Chen 和她的公司派蒂克房地产集团, 受邀在纽约证券交易所庆祝亚裔美国人和太平洋岛(AAPI) 传统月。陈有机会会见了著名的亚太裔人士,包括最近担任交易所企业技术资本市场负责人的 Bonnie Hyun,以及荣获 2022 年环球小姐和 2022 年美国小姐桂冠的时装设计师 R’Bonney Gabriel。

April 2023, U.S. economy adds 236,000 jobs in March as labor market stays strong


2023 年 4月, 由于劳动力市场保持强劲,美国经济在 3 月份增加了 236,000 个工作岗位

March 2023, U.S. Housing Starts Rise by 9.8% in February, Led by a Surge in Apartment Construction


2023 年 3月, 在公寓建设激增的带动下,美国 房屋开工率上涨 9.8%

Dec. 2022, One of New York’s largest commercial landlords is spending $1.5 billion to convert office buildings into apartments as office vacancy rates remain elevated

2022 年 12月, 由于写字楼空置率居高不下,纽约最大的商业房东之一斥资 15 亿美元将写字楼改造成公寓


Nov. 2022, U.S. economy grew 2.9 percent last quarter slightly beating expectations


2022 年 11月, 美国经济上季度增长 2.9%,略高于预期


Oct. 2022, The Best Real Estate Returns Come After Recessions


2022 年 10 月, 经济衰退后房地产回报最佳

Sep. 2022, The U.S. housing market stares down an even bigger economic shock—mortgage rates near 7%   


2022 年 9 月, 美国房地产市场面临更大的经济冲击- 抵押贷款利率接近 7%

Fed, rate is increased recently

July 2022,A ‘soft landing’ in the U.S. housing market is possible 

2022 年 6 月, 美国房地产市场“软着陆”是可能的