Dec. 2020, Leaders from a variety of business sectors weigh in on Mass. economy

2020年12月, 来自各行各业的领导谈马萨诸塞州经济产生的影响

Nov. 2020, Property Pricing Gains, Powered by Industrial and Apartments

2020年11月,  转载:工业和公寓楼推动的房地产定价上涨

Sep. 2020, Commercial real estate flounders as housing market booms

2020年9月, 转载:随着房地产市场的繁荣 商业房地产陷入困境

August 2020, What Will The Pandemic’s Impact Be On The Real Estate Market?

2020年8月, 瘟疫大流行将对房地产市场产生什么影响?

The pandemic has already caused a mini-exodus out of New York City, and with lower taxes, lower interest rates, and — for the wealthiest among us — higher earnings thanks to stock market gains and some helpful bailouts, the housing market is roaring outside of urban America. What will be the impact on real estate here, once the pandemic is finally in the rear view mirror? That’s a question UBS real estate analyst Jonathan Woloshin took to task in an August 28th note to clients titled “Covid and real estate: a simple question with a complex answer.”…

June 2020, What tends to increase the real estate prices in a region

2020年6月 什么会导致该地区的房地产价格上涨


May 2020, PattyC Group is proud to support and share a new initiative launched by the non-profit social-enterprise organization Breaktime to support homeless youth and healthcare workers. Contributions of any size make a huge impact during COVID-19

2020年5月,  支持和共同关怀非营利性社会企业组织-Breaktime发起的一项新计划,以支持无家可归的年轻人, 在COVID-19期间任何捐款都会产生巨大的影响!


Employing Homeless Youth to Feed Frontline Heroes – Breaktime Double Impact Initiative


4/2020 Breaktime young adults experiencing homelessness preparing and delivering nutritious meals to Brigham and Women’s Hospital and MGH in Boston        2020年4月 无家可归年轻人送餐食品到送餐食品到波士顿的Brigham and Women’s , and MGH 医院

 President Patty Chen of PattyC Group at celebration of Breaktime’s Boston location.       2019年11月派蒂克集团/美亚商旅-波士顿总裁陈艺平在Breaktime波士顿店的会议上


April 2020, Real Estate Roundup

2020年4月 房地产综述 


Real Estate Roundup 4.1.20

March 2020, The 2020 Real Estate Market Correction

2020年3月, 2020年房地产市场调整


Feb. 2020: Real Estate Experts Express Cautious for Market in 2020



Dec. 2019, Sean Carroll is a theoretical physicist at the California Institute of Technology, he came to Boston introducing his great book to us: The Big Picture.

2019年12月, 肖恩·卡洛尔(Sean Carroll)是加利福尼亚理工学院的理论物理学家,他来到波士顿向我们介绍了他的大作:《大图景》

Nov. 2019, Brian P. Golden, the Director of the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) has updated to us about Future Urban Real Estate Developments and Plans in Boston City.

2019年11月, 波士顿市规划与发展局(BPDA)主任Brian P. Golden向我们介绍了波士顿市的未来城市房地产开发与计划

Oct. 2019, At This Season, Wellesley MA of the Company Location is More Beautiful and More Fantastic

2019年10月, 在这个季节,公司所在地的马萨诸塞州韦尔斯利镇更美丽更神奇

Sep. 2019, The world’s First Guitar-Shaped Hotel


August 2019, U.S. Real Estate Market Information and Trends


July 2019, PattyC Property Group and President Patty Chen Featured in the Article of Boston Globe: Foreigner buyers reportedly have cooled on Boston real estate

2019年7月, 派蒂克房地产公司 和总裁陈艺平·在“波士顿环球报”的文章中报道:外国人买家已经在波士顿房地产市场降温

Foreigner buyers reportedly have cooled on Boston real estate

BOSTON, MA – 8/30/2018: A view of Boston skyline (David L Ryan/Globe Staff ) SECTION: METRO TOPIC stand alone photo


June 2019, MIT Professor Alex Pentland (Who Is Also the Program Director of the MIT Media Lab Entrepreneur Program and Was Recently Named One of the “7 Most Powerful Data Scientists in the World” by Forbes) Gave Us a Talk About Big Data and Blockchain.

2019年6月, 麻省理工学院教授 麻省理工学院媒体实验室企业家项目主任,


May 2019, We Celebrated Wellesley, Where Our Company Is Headquartered, During Wellesley Wonderful Weekend.

2019年5月, 一年一度的美好Wellesley一天,韦尔斯利我们喜欢的公司所在地

April 2019, Entrepreneurship Club Meeting at the Harvard Club of Boston



March 2019, Supporting Young Social Entrepreneurs With Mentorship and Advice –

2019年3月, 指导和支持学生年轻企业家Breaktime LLC 创业


Dec.2018, In Just 3 Words Warren Buffett Dropped the Best Advice

2018年12月, 只用了3个字,沃伦巴菲特向你提出了最好的建议