March 2012, Hurun Wealth Report Interviewed PattyC Property Group

2012年 3月,胡润百富专访


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Hurun Report has interviewed and published PattyC Group’s achievements and services in the areas of  Real Estate Investment and Serving Chinese Students in the US. The two full pages of the special reports are being published in the May 2012 issue of Hurun Report Magazine and in the April 2012 issue of Best of US Education Magazine.

Hurun Report, founded the China Rich List, is a leading luxury publishing and event group, comprising of magazines and active events. The businesses target at China’s high net worth individuals. “People often aren’t considered truly rich until anointed by Hurun Report…” by Wall Street Journal, Jan 2008

胡润百富专访和报道了美亚商旅波士顿 PattyC, 关于美国著名大学夏季班,房产投资和服务项目.并刊登在52012 国内国际著名杂志之一《胡润百富房地产专访栏 和 刊登在4月2012胡润百富高端品牌杂志《美国名校指南专访栏.   

 胡润百富以一个更了解中国富豪,更能体现中国富豪财富品质的公司, 见证企业家从善于创造财富,逐渐懂得如何运用财富引领由富及贵的格调。胡润百富关注中国高端人群的财富品质和生活格调,包括艺术品收藏、慈善事业、奢华旅游目的地,和海外留学教育等信息,以及推荐介绍各类新贵生活方式。胡润富豪榜在国内国际认可度最高.

Hurun Wealth Report Interview with Patty Chen

– Working with Passion

AABT-Boston Group’s business is very broad,including real estate, education, and business travel. However, according to PattyC Property Group CEO Patty Chen, she did  just one thing – providing a full range of personalized services for Chinese people staying in the United States. Due to the love of the real estate industry, Patty Chen left her job as a biological scientist to found PattyC Property Company. Due to the customer’s trust and needs, she entered the field of education. She does not consider herself doing “Business”, because what she has done are based on her passion and sense of mission.

Q: AABT has done many creative businesses: the first company to promote Chinese and American entrepreneurs’ cooperation, the first company to provide the best services in real estate investment and the field of education and so on. Why did you help more Chinese people enter the “recognize the U.S. ”market? What’s your originalintention of the company when you founded this company?

A: In fact, when we founded PattyC Property real estate investment group in 2001, the main job wasreal estate procurement and investment. In 2007, many Chinese found me and asked my help either to let their children study in the U.S., or purchase real estate- for living, orinvesting. They said that now that you provide us real estate service, can you also provide service for our children education as well? For this reason, in 2007 we founded the AABTGroup, which included real estate investment, education, and commercial tours, etc., to provide an excellent “one-stop” service for the Chinese people who stay or want to stay in the United States.


Q: Since AABT was founded in 2007, it has been five years. Did you have any cases that made you feel most proud in the past five years?

A: I think the most successful business we have done is still in real estate investment, green card, etc.related projects. While talking about this process, Thing thing that makes me the proudest is that I win many families’ trust. For example, if a Chinese family decide moving to the United States, 60% will look for about 3 or 4 service companies. After contacting us, from real estate purchase, their children’s education, or even business investment, they will only look to us for us for counseling and provision of services. Based on this trust, we do not treat this as a profitable business, but as a way to complete our mission. I have a high quality life in the United States, but as a Chinese, I also hope that other people can come here to enjoy this high quality life as I do. Chinese entrepreneurs, on the other hand, will bring money to the United States, and invest local business and other commercial activities to promote China-US economic interaction. These two areas make me feel that I am actually doing a noble thing.


Q: In terms of the Chinese students your have contacted with, which part of United States, or American Education attracts them most?

A: As far as I know, they think American education style will let them have more space to develop their own interests and potential. Unlike Chinese education, which the purpose to study is to study, not for their interests or their future like it is here in the USA.


Q: There are many student agencies that organize US travel, that include U.S. summer camp, campus visiting and other services. Compared to them, where do you think the strengths of AABT-Boston in education area?

A: I think the quality is the main differences. As far as I know, with some Chinese travel agencies one visit can bring more than 1000 people, but in their program, the children don’t get what they want. But our program will make kids reluctant to leave. We intertwine Chinese and American students in learning atmospheres and accommodations, after a while, the Chinese students can speak English with the American students! Moreover, our visit to Universities is not simply to visit the campus, but to also learn from experienced teachers how to apply to it. After the summer camp, we will issue graduation certificates to students, which is a valid certificate for them to apply for U.S. schools. Finally, it is worth mentioning that, our cost is not high, one day is less than 200 dollars, including all the costs, accommodation, transport, curricular activities fees, and insurance in the United States. This inexpensive and high quality visit/study for parents and their children is a worthwhile investment.


Q:  AABT covers investment, real estate, education, business, travel, etc., in the near future, will it explore and develop all these fields or focus on a particular area? Why?

A:  AABT will still emphasize on the part of the real estate investment, because this part is what we have done best. The reason we are good at it is not only because we have skills in the industry, but because we have the inner passion to do it. The company’s development must be closely linked with the positioning of the boss, the boss determines the direction of the company. Real estate is where my company and I can express out creativity the most which is why this is the part I enjoy most.