Aug. 2013, For the 4th year, we have helped Chinese students to Boston Tufts University 2013 Summer School

2013年 8月,本公司已经是第4年帮助中国学生来美国波士顿Tufts University 塔夫茨大学上英语暑期班;同时也免费帮助了学生家长签证,一起来到美国.

Below are testimonials from this year’s student participants in 美国美亚商旅集团-波士顿 (America Asia Business Tour Group- Boston) 2013英语暑期班. 参加了美国美亚商旅集团-波士顿 2013英语暑期班的部分学生的评语:

–“I believe that it’s a wonderful journey for every student.”

–“It is a good way to experience life in the USA.”

–“We can talk with people who come from all around the world. It’s really interesting and the program was just amazing.”

–“I learned a lot in this program and made a lot of friends from all over the world.”

–“It is excellent for English training and allowed me to feel more confident and comfortable in an English spoken environment.”

–“Before the English Program, I had never received a class as fantastic as my class. We had a great teacher, friendly international students, and a special, unique class style. I learned a lot of useful things and deeply enjoyed the class.”

Tufts 2

at students welcome-reception of the Tufts University  在塔夫茨大学学生欢迎会上
at students welcome-reception of the Tufts University 2013年7月14日,在塔夫茨大学学生欢迎会上