Jan. 2014, Direct flight Beijing-to-Boston, Patty Chen featured in China Daily USA Newspaper

2014年 1月, 关于2014波士顿至北京直航的喜讯,《中国日报》美国版采访报道了公司总裁陈艺平(Patty Chen)

It’s the largest-city in New England and the sister city of Hangzhou, China, and come June it will become another direct-entry point for Chinese travelers as Hainan Airlines launches its Beijing-to-Boston service.

Hainan, the fourth-largest airline in China, will initiate the nonstop service to the city that has been the largest US market without direct flights to China. Hainan Airlines Group secured federal approval for the flights in December.

“Business, leisure and educational travel and trade between the United States and China have been growing dramatically,” Pubin Liang, managing director of Hainan Airlines in North America, said in a Dec 4 press release. “This wonderful new link will stimulate this growth via the important Boston gateway.”

Massachusetts is one of the biggest markets for Chinese tourists, with close to 150,000 travelers visiting the state in 2012.

Hainan Airlines expects to serve close to 5,000 travelers a month on the new route, according to a filing with the US Department of Transportation.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) have been working with Hainan since 2007 to secure the service.

The service “will open up new commercial and economic opportunities,” Patrick said in a Dec 4 Massport press release. Getting nonstop service to China has been a long sought goal for Massachusetts, said Thomas P. Glynn, Massport’s CEO.

Patty Chen, founder and CEO of the PattyC Group, a real-estate investment firm which also operates tours in Boston, called the direct flights “magnificent news for the Chinese population” of the Boston area.

“With a direct flight, Boston can attract many more residents and investors,” Chen said Friday in an e-mail to China Daily. “This flight is magnificent news for the Chinese population of the Greater Boston area. These people bring a great amount of Chinese wealth into the area and the direct flight will just open more gates to help bring that money from China.”

Air travel between the US and China has become increasingly profitable, thanks in large part to more fuel-efficient planes like the Boeing 787, so a number of US and China-based airlines have responded with intentions to increase the number of flights they offer.

Earlier this year Hainan Airlines doubled its direct flight service between Beijing and Chicago, pushing the number of weekly flights to four.

According to the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries, China accounted for almost 1.5 million visitors to the US in 2012. A 35 percent increase in Chinese visitor volume was the largest percentage change among the top 10 international visitation markets.

In addition to the Boston-Bejing service, Logan Airport is also adding several other major international routes, including new flight service to cities such as Panama, Dubai and Istanbul.

jackfreifelder@chinadailyusa.com (China Daily USA 01/07/2014 page2)

波士顿美亚商旅集团总裁陈艺平(Patty Chen)女士在2014年 1月接受《中国日报》美国版采访时表示, 这个直航对于波士顿地区的华人“是一个极大的好消息”。“随着直航的开通,波士顿可以从中国吸引更多的移民和投资。他们将把很多中国的财富带到波士顿地区,这个直航将开启引进中国投资的大门,”陈艺平在采访中说。