Oct. 2010, at Wellesley MA USA, the first Board of Directors meeting of the AmericAsia Investment Association (The AAIA) 2010年 10月,在韦尔斯利 (Wellesley MA, USA), 第一次美国亚洲投资协会董事会会议

The AmericAsia Investment Association (The AAIA) had a first Executive Board meeting after it was formal established on Sep. 8th, 2010. In the meeting, we clearly defined the mission, clients, and structure of the AAIA (www.aa-ia.org). After the meeting, the part of board directors participated in the Merrill Lynch finance group dinner at the well-known Blue Ginger restaurant with the owner Ming Tsai in Wellesley. The AAIA provides a platform for making investment deals between America and Asia. Any company and organization can use this platform to do business deal. The AAIA governing bodies are the Executive Board and Advisory Board. The founder of PattyC Property Group Patty Chen is a president for The AAIA; the regional vice president of NAI Global Real Estate Company John  is a real estate executive director; the president of Education Without Borders Company Swallow  is a education executive director. The more leaders will be announced in near future. Real Estate Executive Director John  will represent the AAIA to China in February 2011meeting with the Executive Board members of China for same real estate business deals.

这是在美国亚洲投资协会于2010年 9月8日正式成立后的第一次美国亚洲投资协会董事会会议.会议明确了协会的使命, 服务对象, 和机构组成 (www.aa-ia.org). 会后,美国亚洲投资协会部分董事会参会人员在韦尔斯利最著名的餐馆-BluE Ginger Restaurant 与餐馆老板Ming Tsai 和Merrill Lynch finance group 共进晚餐. 美国亚洲投资协会为美国与亚洲之间提供一个投资交易平台.任何公司和机构都可以在此平台上做美国与亚洲之间投资生意.美国亚洲投资协会领导机构由执行董事 会和顾问董事会组成.派蒂克房地产投资集团总裁陈艺平女士 (Patty Chen)任会长; NAI Global 诺屋德集团地区付总裁约翰(John)任房地产执行董事, 美国无国界教育主席晓哲先生(Swallow )任教育执行董事. 今后会宣布更多的协会领导成员. 房地产执行董事约翰将代表美国亚洲投资协会,明年2月去中国会见协会中的中方领导成员.

With the best Blue Ginger Restaurant owner-Ming Tsai.
与最著名的Blue Ginger Restaurant 餐馆老板Ming Tsai