May 2012, Hurun Report & PattyC Property Group as strategic partners for all services

2012年 5月, 胡润百富总裁吕能幸来到波士顿访问美亚商旅房产投资胡润百富和美亚商旅波士顿作为战略伙伴全面合作服务

L: Sinclair Lu, Joe Fallon and Patty Chen at Fan Pier
Sinclair Lu, Patty Chen, Joe Fallon at Mr. Fallon’s office









Hurun Report has worked with PattyC together as strategic partner to help  Chinese build a bridge of connection with  American to efficient interactively respond the demands from Chinese not only for business relations development but also personal.

Sinclair Lu, the president of Hurun Report first time came Boston at May 9th, 2012. He and  Patty Chen made a strategic plan to serve Chinese better in US. Mr. Lu also met three big real estate developers for real estate projects at Boston of MA, with Joe Fallon, President of The Fallon Company for 2.9 million SF mixed-use Fan Pier Boston Waterfront Development project  including Hotel,  Retail,  Office, and Residential luxury houses; Kirk Sykes, president of New Boston’s Urban Strategy America Fund and Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Board; David Zussman, CEO and Chairman of Boston Development Group for 230 rental units and a 210 unit Marriott hotel, and so on.

at a Boston construction site with Kirk Sykes



at David Zussman’s office