April 8th, 2013. A Headquarters Conference in Wellesley, MA. Company promises it will be a long term company

2013年4月8日, 在麻州韦尔斯利的总部会议上, 承诺将是一个长期存在的公司

left: Tom Deng, John Harding, Peter Genta, Dorothy Manning, Guo Fang, and Patty Chen. 从左:邓世午, 约翰·哈丁, 彼得·尊达, 多萝西·曼宁, 国芳, 陈艺平.
 Tom , John, Peter, Dorothy, Guo Fang, and Patty. 从左:世午, 约翰, 彼得, 多萝西, 国芳, 艺平.

A headquarters conference at Wellesley office was hold and several team members of the company met to develop a solid foundation on each member responsibilities and to promise on a long term existence of the company. The people who attended were clarified on the goals and updated accomplishments of PattyC Property Group and discussed the values of quality of life and business between China and the USA. Plans were made for the geographical and demographic expansion of the company. We focus on long term.

在麻州韦尔斯利总部办公会上, 公司团队的部分主要成员出席. 会上制定了如何奠定坚实基础和每为同事的责任,并承诺我们公司将是一个长期存在的公司。出席人员明确了目标, 看到取得的成就,并讨论了如何提高中国和美国的高品质生活和高质量业务。公司注重长远, 计划在地理上和人员上将继续扩展。