Sep. 8th 2013, AABT Boston and Patty Chen Featured in The Providence Journal,The Seattle Times, Columbus Dispatch, People’s Daily Overseas, and over 100 newspapers/internet articles in the USA and China

2013年 9月8日,在美国和中国,  百家报纸/网络文章上报道和转载陈艺平 (帕蒂·陈)和本公司美亚商旅集团-波士顿 American Asia Business Tour Group-Boston 为中国购房者提供卓越品质的全套服务


Patty Chen at front of the company building 帕蒂·陈 ​( 陈艺平) 在公司门前
Patty Chen at front of the company building 帕蒂·陈 ​( 陈艺平) 在公司门前

China’s rich, yearning to breathe free, migrate to U.S.

( by: Froma Harrop, Froma Harrop is a member of The Journal’s editorial board and a syndicated columnist. She can be followed on Twitter: @FromaHarrop.)

Thousands of Chinese are fleeing to the United States. We are not talking about impoverished peasants hiding in cargo containers. We’re talking about millionaires flying first class and buying condos in the choicest ZIP codes. A big reason for this relocation, real estate agents say, is a desire for America’s clean air, as opposed to China’s suffocating smog.

Welcome to the new world of environmental immigration. These are not the “huddled masses” immortalized on the Statue of Liberty’s poem, but they are — quite literally — “yearning to breathe free.”

One can see the point of leaving China if you have the resources. Rust-colored toxic wastes choke its rivers. Sooty air makes eyes itch. And public-health crises in some industrial towns have reached the level that they’re being called “cancer villages.” Who wants to expose the family to that if you can live under Boston’s blue skies and in close proximity to the select U.S. universities you want your kids to attend anyway?

About a quarter of recent buyers for Boston’s top luxury condos have been foreign investors, especially from China and other parts of Asia. A local entrepreneur, Patty Chen, runs a soup-to-nuts relocation service, America Asia Business Tour Group-Boston, helping out with immigration visas, real-estate services, and advice on schools and neighborhoods.

You wonder whether China’s environment would have been allowed to get so putrid if rich Chinese had to gasp the same air as the toilers. One can’t blame them for wanting to escape, but still you wonder.–yearning-to-breathe-clean-air.html


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2013-09-10 09:56:37 来源:中国新闻网
[提要]  据美国侨报网编译报道,近来,众多中国富豪前往美国购买房产。据《普罗维登斯杂志》(The Providence Journal)编委会成员、专栏作家弗洛马·哈洛普(Froma Harrop)9月8日撰文称,中国富豪买房的重要原因是渴望美国的新鲜空气。

  中新网9月10日电 据美国侨报网编译报道,近来,众多中国富豪前往美国购买房产。对此,多名房地产代理商表示,由于中国大都市空气污染严重,中国富豪在美国买房的一个重要原因是渴望呼吸新鲜空气。

据《普罗维登斯杂志》(The Providence Journal)编委会成员、专栏作家弗洛马·哈洛普(Froma Harrop)9月8日撰文称,中国富豪买房的重要原因是渴望美国的新鲜空气。

哈洛普提到,在波士顿,四分之一购买豪华公寓的购房者是国外投资者,其中,来自中国与其它亚洲国家的购房者较多。位于波士顿的“美亚商旅集团”(America Asia Business Tour Group-Boston)的老板帕蒂·陈(Patty Chen,音译)致力于为外国人提供购房咨询,该公司为移民提供签证服务、房地产服务、学校与社区选择咨询服务。

除了波士顿,中国购房者也纷纷涌入纽约曼哈顿区买房,房地产经济公司纽约证券(Bond New York)的工作人员迈克尔·陈(Michael Chen,音译)表示,中国购房者喜欢纽约的新鲜空气,同时,在纽约能够更好地平衡家庭与工作的关系。