Augest 26th. 2015, The Boston Globe Interviewed Patty Chen on how Chinese economic turmoil could boost Boston real estate

2015 年8月26日《波士顿环球报》再次报道陈艺平, 有关中国的股市动荡现在可能会提振波士顿地产. 作为其市场下滑,其经济走弱,而人民币汇率下降,许多人想知道,如果波士顿的房地产市场将受到影响 – 但短期内它可能会获利.



Boston Globe 082615    By Tim Logan GLOBE STAFF 

As its markets slide, its economy weakens, and its currency declines, many wonder if Boston’s real estate market will suffer — but short-term, it may gain.

 Patty Chen, a Wellesley entrepreneur who helps Chinese investors find houses in the Boston area, said she has seen some would-be buyers hold off this summer. “Some are nervous because of the stock crash,” Chen said. “I think we are in a ‘buffer period’ where Chinese just want to wait out the volatility.”

In the long term, Chen said, many of her clients see the United States as a safe haven. Bigger investors do, too…