April 2018, Harvard China Forum: The Power of Our Times

2018年4月, 哈佛中国论坛年度峰会:


Ray Dalio – Founder, Bridgewater gave a keynote speech  雷伊·达里奥 – 桥水基金创始人 做了主题演讲

Patty Chen at the Forum 陈艺平在哈佛中国论坛会上

Actor Archie Kao at the Forum 著名演员 高圣远 在哈佛中国论坛会上

Dec. 2017, Slow And Steady Growth: 2018 Performance Forecast For Top 4 Commercial Real Estate Sectors


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Following one of the longest economic expansions in U.S. history, Colliers International economists forecast 2017 was the year of the market’s peak.

There are several factors that indicate the cycle’s best years are in the past, Colliers International Chief Economist Andrew Nelson wrote in the company’s 2018 Outlook report, including slowing deal volume, eight consecutive months of declining commercial property prices, plateaued cap rates, a widening divide between seller asking prices and buyer bids and investors going in search of riskier assets for better returns.

Though the cycle is getting long in the tooth, the industry is expected to continue riding the waves of the strong economy to steady growth, albeit at a more moderate pace than years past.

高力国际(Colliers International)经济学家预计,在美国历史上经济规模最大的一次扩张之后,2017年是市场高峰的一年。

高力国际首席经济学家安德鲁•纳尔逊(Andrew Nelson)在该公司的2018年展望报告中写道,有几个因素可以说明这个周期最好的年份过去了,包括交易量下降,商业房地产价格连续八个月下滑,上限利率上涨, 卖方询问价格和买方出价,以及投资者为了获得更好的回报而寻找风险较高的资产。


Nov. 2017, Patty Chen Hosted Chinese Students from Iowa at Boston and received an Award from Iowa Secretary of State for Youth Mentoring of US Education Without Borders Program

2017年11月, Patty Chen在波士顿市接待爱荷华州中国留学生,并获得爱荷华州政府颁发的美国无国界教育青年指导奖

Oct. 2017, The Future of Cities in Worldwide at Harvard Business School and Harvard Graduate School of Design




                                     Patty Chen with Harriet Tregoning – former deputy assistant secretary of HUD.  美国住房和城市发展部计划和发展办公室前副助理秘书 Harriet Tregoning

    Harvard University President Drew Faust at the conversation about the future of cities.    哈佛大学校长Drew FaustLeft: Mohsen Mostafavi-Dean of Harvard Graduate School of Design.  Right: Diane Davis-Chair at DUPD of Harvard Graduate School of Design.    L:哈佛大学设计学院院长Mohsen Mostafavi; R: 哈佛大学设计学院城市设计系主席Diane Davis

Aug. 2017, Chinese Overseas Real Estate Buying Spree Slows by China’s Currency Caps

2017年8月, 海外房地产买卖因中国外汇货币限制涨势跌

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The U.S. is the most popular destination for Chinese immigrants, students and corporate investment, which drives investment in property. Tighter capital controls and a slowing domesticChinese economy are making it harder for Chinese to buy property overseas.  The Chinese middle class, both in China and in the United States, stands to lose the most by China’s newly imposed currency restrictions. The group most affected may be the many Chinese buyers who already live and work in the United States and rely on money from China to purchase a home.

美国是中国移民,学生和企业投资最受欢迎的旅游目的地,及推动物业投资。 资本管制,和国内经济放缓,使得中国人在海外购买房产变得更难。中国的中产阶级在中国和美国,都受到中国新实施的货币限制损失最大。 最受影响的群体可能是许多在美国生活和工作的中国买家并且依靠中国的钱购买家庭的群体。

July 2017, Chinese Investors Set New Record Acquiring US Real Estate


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Chinese investors maintained their leading position regarding dollar sales for the fourth consecutive year by spending a record high $31.7bn (£24.1bn) on residential properties in the US in 2016, fresh data shows. The figure was over 10% higher than the $28.6bn (£21.8bn) spent by Chinese investors in the sector in 2015, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

(传载 PropertyInvestToday)新数据显示,中国投资者连续第四年保持了对美元销售的领先地位,在2016年美国住宅物业创历史新高,达317亿美元(241亿英镑)。根据全国房地产经纪人协会(NAR)的数据,该数字比2015年中国投资者在该行业花费的286亿美元(218亿英镑)高出10%以上。

June 2017, Harvard University is the Place for Training Happy Citizen Leaders

2017年6月, 哈佛大学-培养快乐公民领袖之地

Patty Chen with Harvard College Dean- Rakesh Khurana 陈艺平与 哈佛大学本科学院院长Rakesh Khurana


 With Harvard University Admissions Dean – William Fitzsimmons  与哈佛大学招生院长William Fitzsimmons

with Harvard Medical School professor -Sanjiv Chopra  at his Happiness Seminar  与哈佛医学院教授­ Sanjiv Chopra在他的幸福研讨会上.

May 2017, Welcome Hurun Report’s President-Sinclair Lyu Coming to Our Company Again

20175, 欢迎胡润报告总裁-吕能幸再次来到我们公司

             Patty Chen with Sinclair Lyu 陈艺平与 吕能幸

April 2017, Harvard China Forum 2017-Sharing the Road Ahead

Featured  over 100 speakers including Hank Paulson, Stephen Orlins, Lei Jun, Mark Cuban, Arianna Huffington, Pan Shiyi, Guo Guangchang, Cho Tak Wong, Yan Geling and  800 attendees participanted in stimulating dialogues on opportunities and challenges facing US and China.

 20174, 哈佛中国论坛 2017- 共享未来之路

超过100位演讲嘉宾,包括汉克·保尔森,斯蒂芬·奥林斯,雷军,马克·库班,阿里安娜·赫芬顿, 潘石屹, 郭广昌, 曹德旺, 严歌苓 等与800位参加者对美国和中国的机遇与挑战对话。

  Patty Chen with Author and Scriptwriter at HCF 2017   陈艺平与作家严歌苓

Nov. 2016, China Shanghai Real Estate Development and Investment Company visited Boston again for Collabration of Investment in Residential and Commicial Buildings




Sep. 2016, Chinese Real Estate Buyers Are Shifting Preferences

Chinese Real Estate Buyers Are Shifting Preferences


Over the past few years Chinese investors have targeted major coastal cities such as San Francisco and New York City, but an article in Housingwire.com highlights a change in preferences due to these markets failing to produce significant returns.

Now a second wave of investors from China has begun to alter their investment strategy. Thanks to greater access to information and data, these investors have discovered that assets with higher yields are to be found well away from these major cities. Originally, these primary and often prestigious markets had been targeted because they were often familiar vacation destinations, or investors already had friends or family living in these areas. Foreign investors looking to purchase in the cities were after property for vacation use, or that they could leave to their children or simply as a safe haven from the Chinese economy.

July 2016, Study Finds Chinese investors have spent $300 billion on US property

Chinese investment in the U.S. real estate market has surpassed $300 billion and is growing despite China’s economic weakness and increased currency control.

http://www.cnbc.com/2016/05/16/chinese-investors-have-spent-300-billion-on-us-property-mbs-rosen-study-finds.html By CNBC

2016年7月, 研究发现中国投资者已经花费$3000亿在美国房地产



May 2016, New study says Chinese buyers will spend $218 billion despite Beijing’s attempts to control capital outflows.

Chinese U.S. Real Estate Demand Tip of the Iceberg


2016年5月, 中国人对美国房地产的需求只是冰山一尖





Feb. 2016, For the 7th Year, We will Help Chinese Students to Attend Boston’s Tufts University 2016 Summer School

2016年2月, 波士頓欢迎中国学生赴美国著名大学预科大学生夏季班



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让中国学生在美国名牌大学校园里上英语暑期班,让中国学生有机会和美国学生在一起开口讲流利地英语 是我们的荣幸.由在美国波士顿的Tufts University (塔夫茨大学)和美国美亚商旅集团-波士顿分社 (AABT-波士顿)https://www.pattycproperty.com/form/ (合作主办第7届),具有面向中国学生独特风格的 年英语暑期班正在招生。

所列费用包含美国境内:申请费,学费,书和材料费,资料办理费, 食宿费,结业证书, 以及各项课程活动和旅游观光费等(不包括: 行李超重费,个人消费)。若申请者需要有关旅行安排事宜方面的帮助,我公司将提供协助并收取合理的费用。注:费用将等于或低于市场价。与此同时,如果组团超过25人,可有一名工作人员和学生一起赴美, 工作人员的食宿和波士顿观光费用将获全免。
English Summer School for Chinese Students at Tufts University Campus
  1. The site is located in the world famous city of Boston, surrounded by more than 40 of the top schools, including Harvard, MIT and other.
  2. Lessons about English cultural studies, experts and professors from Tufts University , to strengthen the the English practical application level
  3. The boutique items entertaining, concentrated essence of Boston attractions
  4. To experience American campus culture, a taste of the exotic customs
  5. Experience elite style, understand the application skills
Contact: E-mail: office@pattycproperty.com
USA Phone: 781-559-0564 , from China Toll Free to USA: 950-40378774

Nov. 2015, Chinese buy houses in the United States to ask 20 questions

2015 年11月,中国人美国买房20问

转载圣路易时报.  来源: 侨报网综合

buy house


全美房地产经纪人协会的一份报告称,中国人现在是美国房地产遥遥领先的最大外国买家,无论以数量、美元销售额还是交易价格衡量都是如此。在截至今年 3月底的12个月里,中国买家在美国支出286亿美元(主要用于购买住宅物业),同比增加30%,而且是第二大外国买家群体——加拿大人支出金额的2.5 倍多。