Sep. 2015, McKinsey Global Survey results: Economic Conditions Snapshot

2015 年9月, 麦肯锡全球调查:经济状况快报

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Executives’ views deteriorate amid rising concerns over volatility and expectations for only modest growth in China. (McKinsey Company)

Augest 26th. 2015, The Boston Globe Interviewed Patty Chen on how Chinese economic turmoil could boost Boston real estate

2015 年8月26日《波士顿环球报》再次报道陈艺平, 有关中国的股市动荡现在可能会提振波士顿地产. 作为其市场下滑,其经济走弱,而人民币汇率下降,许多人想知道,如果波士顿的房地产市场将受到影响 – 但短期内它可能会获利.



Boston Globe 082615    By Tim Logan GLOBE STAFF 

As its markets slide, its economy weakens, and its currency declines, many wonder if Boston’s real estate market will suffer — but short-term, it may gain.

 Patty Chen, a Wellesley entrepreneur who helps Chinese investors find houses in the Boston area, said she has seen some would-be buyers hold off this summer. “Some are nervous because of the stock crash,” Chen said. “I think we are in a ‘buffer period’ where Chinese just want to wait out the volatility.”

In the long term, Chen said, many of her clients see the United States as a safe haven. Bigger investors do, too…


July 9th. 2015, The Nikkei Asian Review Interviewed and Reported on Patty Chen and PattyC Property Group

2015 年7月9日, 《日本経済新聞社》采访报道了总裁陈艺平(Patty Chen) 和本公司派蒂克房地产集团帮助中国新移民在美国购房和安居


Asian immigrants changing US economy, society

HIROYUKI KOTAKE, Nikkei Washington bureau chief

     There have been four waves of immigration to the U.S.: 1) Native Americans; 2) immigrants from Western and Northern Europe and slaves from Africa from the 16th century to the 19th century; 3) immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean in the 19th and 20th centuries; and 4) immigrants from Latin America and Asia after World War II.

The fourth wave has accelerated since 1965. President Lyndon Johnson eased restrictions on the number of immigrants to be accepted from each country, and as a result the number of immigrants from Latin America and Asia, which had been suppressed under stricter limits than those on people from Europe, started rising sharply. Their fertility rates are also generally high, which is helping drive the steady expansion of the U.S. population.

The lead player in the fourth wave is about to shift from Latinos to Asians. In 2013, the U.S. accepted a total of more than 1.2 million immigrants. The top spots were dominated by Asian countries, with 147,000 people from China and 129,000 from India, exceeding the 125,000 from Mexico. Immigrants from South Korea and the Philippines have also kept climbing. The recent trend underscores the fact that Asia, a region with a diverse mix of countries and huge populations, is gaining greater presence in the U.S.

Furthermore, diligent Asians earn high incomes and achieve high education. Statistics in 2013 showed that their median household income was $72,000 and people aged 25 or older who have a bachelor’s degree or higher stood at 51%, considerably higher than the U.S. national average of $52,000 and 30%. This is another reason that Asians are increasing their presence in the country.

 Patty Chen runs a real estate company in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. “We not only arrange contracts to buy a house; we support many things, such as kids, fixing up a house and finding shops. They come to us for support.” She said she has received requests from Chinese clients looking to buy houses for cash. These customers hope to immigrate to the U.S. for their children’s education or to protect their assets, even though they may not be fluent in English.

According to the Selig Center for Economic Growth at the University of Georgia, the purchasing power of Asians in the U.S. totaled $770 billion as of 2014 — 19th in the world if compared with gross domestic product data — larger than Saudi Arabia and Switzerland. One estimate by Selig showed that their purchasing power will continue to expand and top $1 trillion in 2019. The increase in the number of Asians, who are relatively young and wealthy, might serve as a tailwind for the U.S. economy, which has been struggling with the aftereffects of the financial crisis and its aging population.

A huge crowd cheers Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Madison Square Garden in New York on Sept. 28, 2014.© Reuters

Meanwhile, the higher Asians’ economic status becomes, the bigger say they have in the country. In September 2014, about 19,000 people reportedly gathered at Madison Square Garden in New York to show their support for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his first visit to the U.S. since taking office. The Indian group that organized the event claimed it was the largest ever in the U.S. to welcome a foreign leader. MR Rangaswami, an Indian investor who participated in the event, said, “That was a big milestone event that the community can look back on and feel proud.” He is also involved in lobbying and takes as an example Jewish-Americans. By learning about their political and charity activities, he tries to boost the recognition of the Indian-American community in the U.S. as well as the national interests of India. Lobbying campaigns by Indian residents were also the driving force behind the U.S.-India Civil Nuclear Agreement, which took effect in 2008.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal formally announces his campaign for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination in Kenner, Louisiana, on June 24. © Reuters

“My dad told me as a young kid that Americans can do anything. I believed him then, and I believe it now,” said Bobby Jindal, the Republican governor of Louisiana. On June 24, he announced his candidacy for the presidential race in 2016, becoming the first Indian-American to become a major contender. Nikki Haley, the Republican governor of South Carolina and another Indian-American, is also mentioned as a vice-presidential candidate. In the not-too-distant future, an Asian American may become the most powerful person in the U.S.


Nikkei staff writers Tomoko Ashizuka, Michiko Kageyama in New York and Yuichiro Kanematsu in Silicon Valley contributed to this story.

June, 2015, Martin Walsh Promoted Boston Mayor’s 2015 Gardens Contest and Parks Enjoyment; PattyC Group Participated

2015年6月, 波士顿市长-马丁·沃尔什 提倡花园竞赛和公园享受, 使波士顿市更漂亮,使人们有一个更好的生活环境。本公司PattyC Group加入行列。



boston garden


May 17, 2015, Celebrated the 47th Annual Wellesley Veterans’ Parade and the Annual Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend with Our Neighbor Friends



with Our Neighbor Friends 与邻居朋友一起庆祝
with Our Neighbor Friends at Wellesley Office Building 与邻居朋友韦尔斯利
Joe Kennedy III shakes hand with Patty Chen during the Parade 约瑟夫· 肯尼迪三世从游行中跑上前与陈艺平握手
Joe Kennedy III, the U.S. Rep. for MA, shakes hand with Patty Chen during the Parade 约瑟夫· 肯尼迪三世-美国联邦议员,从游行中跑上前与陈艺平握手


wsl  Parade 0515 3 wsl  Parade 0515 2


Lunch together before Parade 游行前的一起午餐
Lunch together in our Wellesley office before Parade 在我们韦尔斯利办公室的游行前午餐



April 21, 2015, at 119th Boston Marathon with our Clients and Friends


 finish-line at Boston 在​波士顿 的终点处
finish-line at Boston 在​波士顿 的终点处
 finish-line at Boston 在​波士顿 的终点处
finish-line at Boston 在​波士顿 的终点处
Runners passby our Wellesley office building 经过我们Wellesley的公司楼前
Runners by our Wellesley office building  马拉松比赛者经过我们Wellesley 的公司楼前

 finish-line at Boston 在​波士顿 的终点处
Patty Chen at finish-line at Boston 陈艺平在​波士顿 的终点处

March.2015, The Year of the Chinese Investor



March 03, 2015 10:45AM   The Real Deal
By E.B. Solomont

– See more at:

For more than two decades, China’s most populated city, Shanghai, has experienced a building frenzy unlike any other: Developers have built office buildings in the city of 24 million as far as the eye can see, including skyscrapers like the under-construction Shanghai Tower, one of the tallest in the world.

But increasingly, Chinese developers and investors are looking elsewhere to build. And a fast-growing number are setting their eyes on New York.

Chinese investors pumped more than $3 billion into the New York real estate market last year. That was nearly 43 percent more than they invested in 2013. And it appears to just be the tip of the iceberg.

With China’s economy cooling, investors are throwing their money into deals in New York. And it’s not just individual Chinese buyers snapping up condo units these days. Institutional players, investors and developers, who’ve made a splash buying trophy buildings over the past two years, are not only continuing to ramp up purchases, but also are accelerating their involvement in condo development and looking for developable New York land.

“There’s a whole lot of capital in Asia that wants to be invested [here],” said Kevin Swill, chief operating officer of the New York-based Carlton Group, a real estate investment banking firm. “They look to the U.S., even with ups and downs, and it’s still the most stable real estate market in the world.” …..


Dec. 2014, Patty Chen Celebrated Christmas and New Year with Entrepreneurs in Beijing of China

2014年 12月,  艺平与企业家在中国北京庆祝圣诞节和新年




Nov. 2014, New visa rules expected to boost U.S.-China tourism and investment

2014年 11月,美国对华签证新政11月12日实施



The visa announcement came just after President Obama’s arrival in Beijing, where he addressed Asian business leaders at a summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. Under the visa agreement, business and short-term tourist visas will be valid for 10 years, while student and cultural exchange visas will last for 5 years, putting China on level footing with other major trade partners like Brazil and several European countries. Currently, such visas expire after one year. “I’ve heard from American business leaders about how valuable this step will be. And we’ve worked hard to achieve this outcome because it clearly serves the mutual interest of both of our countries,” Obama said. 


Oct. 2014, Boston Magazine Reports That Our Wellesley Based PattyC Group Has Grown Into A Full-Service Empire For Chinese Investor-Immigrants

2014年 10月, 美国《波士顿杂志》采访报道了陈艺平(Patty Chen), 称本公司派蒂克集团(PattyC Group)现已发展成为对中国投资移民者全面服务的帝国. 


boston China


Boston- China’s Town

October 2014

Oct. 2014 Boston Magazine reports that: “Patty Chen, whose Wellesley-based PattyC Group has grown into a full-service empire for Chinese Investor-Immigrants.”

Patty Chen, whose Wellesley bassed PattyC Group Has Grown into a Full Service Empire for Chinese Investor-Immigrants

Oct. 2014 Boston Magazine reports that: “Patty Chen, whose Wellesley-based PattyC Group has grown into a full-service empire for Chinese Investor-Immigrants.”

2014年 10月, 美国《波士顿杂志》采访报道了陈艺平(Patty Chen), 称本公司派蒂克集团(PattyC Group)现已发展成为对中国投资移民者全面服务的帝国. 

Aug. 2014, For the 5th year, we have helped Chinese students to Boston Tufts University 2014 Summer School

2014年 8月,本公司已经是第5年帮助中国学生来美国波士顿Tufts University 塔夫茨大学上英语暑期班; 今年的特色是三五成群同学,朋友,亲戚一起来美国; 中学生来的最多;都乘海南航空北京直飞波士顿.

Our students departed with much improved skill in English and life time friendships and experiences. The testmonials from this year’s students are as following: “It has been a good experience, and I think, in the future this will be really useful”. ” It is a lovely place to study and live in Tufts University campus. All of the people there are friendly”.   ” The program is meaningful, thought-provoking, interesting , and a great place to spend the summer with all of the nice people”.  ” We can  learn about many different cultures in the program and make many friends”. 


at students welcome-reception of the Tufts University 2014年7月15日,在塔夫茨大学学生欢迎会上
at students welcome-reception of the Tufts University 2014年7月15日,在塔夫茨大学学生欢迎会上

July 2014, Chinese are No. 1 Buyers of US Residential Real Estate

 2014 年7,  中国人是美国住宅物业的第一买家 (转载中国日报,网易财经)


Updated: 2014-07-10 07:38
By ADELINA ZHANG in New York (China Daily USA)



China may be the second-largest economy in the world, but when it comes to buying residential real estate in the United States, it’s No. 1.

Foreign purchases jumped to 35 percent last year, and Chinese customers led the way with $22 billion out of the $92.2 billion total spent by foreign buyers in the US real estate market, according to a report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

“We live in an international marketplace; so while all real estate is local, that does not mean that all property buyers are,” NAR President Steve Brown said in the report released on Tuesday.”Foreign buyers are being enticed to US real estate because of what they recognize as attractive prices, economic stability and an incredible opportunity for investment in their future.”

From April 2012-March 2013, Chinese customers spent approximately $12.8 billion in the US market, according to the NAR, and the previous year foreign buyers spent $68.2 billion on US real estate.

“The US real estate market is a relatively safe investment,” said Selma Hepp, senior economist at the California Association of Realtors (CAR). “Maybe there’s not that much confidence in the banking system in China, so the strong property rights in the US drive a lot of that demand. Also, the housing prices in the US are still affordable compared to the rest of the world,” she told China Daily on Wednesday.

The NAR said that among the hot areas for Chinese buyers are Irvine, California, and Los Angeles’ San Gabriel Valley, home to several Asian-immigrant communities.

“They’re interested in already established Chinese communities, in California and they are the predominate buyers there,” said Hepp.

International buyers are more likely to make all-cash purchases when compared to domestic buyers, she said. In 2014, nearly 60 percent of reported international transactions were all cash, compared to only one-third of domestic purchases, said the NAR.

The CAR released a survey in April that showed an increase of 8 to 9 percent of international buyers in California, with the majority being Chinese middle-aged males of high income who paid cash.

Many foreigners seek areas based on the distance from their home country, presence of relatives, climate, and education opportunities, where their children can learn English.

Hepp said that California has always been a popular market for Asian investors, especially Chinese.

Chinese buyers tend to target higher-priced markets, such as California, Washington, and New York, according to the NAR’s report.

Sofia Falleroni, an associate broker at Town Residential in New York City, told China Daily that she will close on a $6.25 million apartment sale in the city’s West Chelsea area to a Chinese buyer in January 2015.

“The New York market has been considered a stable market for the past 40 years, even with its up and downs,” said Falleroni, who said she has worked with at least10 Chinese buyers in the past year. “Buyers coming from China are looking to establish a presence in the US. New York is a place where there are a lot of opportunities, for not only real estate, but also the job market, the best education.”

Chinese buyers have been interested in the US market in recent years, ever since the 2008 financial downturn, after which they saw New York as one of the safest places to invest, said Richard Grossman, executive vice-president and managing director at New York-based Halstead Property.

“[Foreign investors] from countries with a good economy, tend to look to diversify in the US,” said Grossman. “New York is a good place for investors to put their money in because New York is one of the financial capitals of the world.”

April 11th. 2014, The Wall Street Journal Interviewed and Reported on Patty Chen and PattyC Property Group about Chinese buyers who are laying the groundwork for their kids to study abroad by snapping up high-end real estate in college towns.

2014 年4月11日, 《华尔街日报》采访报道了总裁陈艺平(Patty Chen) 和本公司派蒂克房地产集团关于中国富人为送孩子留学争买海外学区房


Buying a College-Town Apartment—Chinese buyers are laying the groundwork for their kids to study abroad by snapping up high-end real estate in college towns.

April 11th. 2014 on Friday, The Wall Street Journal News Paper:  …Since 1978, more than 2.6 million Chinese students have gone to school abroad, according to the latest statistics available from China’s Ministry of Education. And the number of Chinese students studying abroad increased nearly 18% in 2012 compared with 2011. In a survey published last year, about 80% of high-net-worth Chinese individuals said they planned to send their children overseas to study, according to the Hurun Research Institute, which tracks China’s wealthy individuals. At the same time, the cost of real estate in big cities such as Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai has skyrocketed, making a $1 million condo in Boston look like a relative bargain. “In Beijing you can buy a home for about $600 a square foot,” says Patty Chen, founder of the PattyC Property Group, which helps Asian buyers find real estate in the U.S. “In Boston, you can buy a home for about $400 a square foot.”…

据美国《华尔街日报》2014 4月11日星期五报道,…几个月前,纽约的房地产经纪人布朗向一位来自香港的女士出售了一套公寓。这套公寓位于曼哈顿的One 57大楼,带有两间卧室、三个盥洗室(其中一间没有淋浴设备),售价650万美元。布朗说,这位女士的购房理由是,她的女儿(现在2岁)将来如果决定上纽约大学或者哥伦比亚大学,这套公寓可能会用得上。布朗表示,现在他的客户计划将公寓出租,估计每年的投资回报率在3%,这样做同时兼顾了家庭和理财计划,可谓一举两得。他说,在美国人们会制定一个1年或者3年计划,但中国人通常都是制定20年计划。自1978年以来,有超过260万中国学生赴海外留学。2012年,中国留学生数量较2011年增长了近18%。据追踪中国富人的胡润研究院称,去年公布的一项调查显示,约80%的中国富人表示他们计划将孩子送到国外上学。与此同时,香港、北京、上海等大城市的房价一路飙涨,这让波士顿一套100万美元的公寓看上去相对不太贵。派蒂克房地产集团帮助亚洲买家在美国房地产, 它的创始人陈艺平表示,北京房价现在约每平方米人民币4万元,而在波士顿,只要400美元就能买下一平方英尺(约合每平方米人民币2.67万元…  


Jan. 2014, Direct flight Beijing-to-Boston, Patty Chen featured in China Daily USA Newspaper

2014年 1月, 关于2014波士顿至北京直航的喜讯,《中国日报》美国版采访报道了公司总裁陈艺平(Patty Chen)

It’s the largest-city in New England and the sister city of Hangzhou, China, and come June it will become another direct-entry point for Chinese travelers as Hainan Airlines launches its Beijing-to-Boston service.

Hainan, the fourth-largest airline in China, will initiate the nonstop service to the city that has been the largest US market without direct flights to China. Hainan Airlines Group secured federal approval for the flights in December.

“Business, leisure and educational travel and trade between the United States and China have been growing dramatically,” Pubin Liang, managing director of Hainan Airlines in North America, said in a Dec 4 press release. “This wonderful new link will stimulate this growth via the important Boston gateway.”

Massachusetts is one of the biggest markets for Chinese tourists, with close to 150,000 travelers visiting the state in 2012.

Hainan Airlines expects to serve close to 5,000 travelers a month on the new route, according to a filing with the US Department of Transportation.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) have been working with Hainan since 2007 to secure the service.

The service “will open up new commercial and economic opportunities,” Patrick said in a Dec 4 Massport press release. Getting nonstop service to China has been a long sought goal for Massachusetts, said Thomas P. Glynn, Massport’s CEO.

Patty Chen, founder and CEO of the PattyC Group, a real-estate investment firm which also operates tours in Boston, called the direct flights “magnificent news for the Chinese population” of the Boston area.

“With a direct flight, Boston can attract many more residents and investors,” Chen said Friday in an e-mail to China Daily. “This flight is magnificent news for the Chinese population of the Greater Boston area. These people bring a great amount of Chinese wealth into the area and the direct flight will just open more gates to help bring that money from China.”

Air travel between the US and China has become increasingly profitable, thanks in large part to more fuel-efficient planes like the Boeing 787, so a number of US and China-based airlines have responded with intentions to increase the number of flights they offer.

Earlier this year Hainan Airlines doubled its direct flight service between Beijing and Chicago, pushing the number of weekly flights to four.

According to the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries, China accounted for almost 1.5 million visitors to the US in 2012. A 35 percent increase in Chinese visitor volume was the largest percentage change among the top 10 international visitation markets.

In addition to the Boston-Bejing service, Logan Airport is also adding several other major international routes, including new flight service to cities such as Panama, Dubai and Istanbul. (China Daily USA 01/07/2014 page2)

波士顿美亚商旅集团总裁陈艺平(Patty Chen)女士在2014年 1月接受《中国日报》美国版采访时表示, 这个直航对于波士顿地区的华人“是一个极大的好消息”。“随着直航的开通,波士顿可以从中国吸引更多的移民和投资。他们将把很多中国的财富带到波士顿地区,这个直航将开启引进中国投资的大门,”陈艺平在采访中说。

Dec. 2013, For the 5th year, we will help Chinese students to attend Boston’s Tufts University 2014 Summer School

2013年 12月, 波士頓欢迎你塔夫茨大学向你招手






波士頓 是好地方,夏天尤其好,美国總統都来离波士頓不远的島上避暑



美国美亚商旅集团波士顿 (America Asia Business Tour Group -Boston)联合位於波士顿的Tufts University 塔夫茨大学), 合作主办面向中国学生独特风格第届面向中国大陆学生英语暑期课程班

美亚商旅集团 -波士顿总裁陈艺平女士 (Patty Chen)表示,为了让更多的中国学生在美国名牌大学校园里上英语暑期班,让更多的中国学生有机会和美国学生在一起开口讲英语,到美国来体验美国的校园文化,感受名校风采,领 略异域风土人情,同时又能够提升英语水平,了解名校的申请技巧等,所以在5年前美亚商旅集团-波士顿和塔夫茨大学一起,為大陆的学生联合主办了寓教于乐的暑期夏季班。下面是我们提供的服务:

 1) 我们将為学生发I-20表, 为学生得到学 生 签证F -1。 学生们在美国的所有学习、生活和课外活动,由塔夫茨大学统一安排、组织、管理,和实施。

2) 报名截止日2014 5 15日。招生对象包括高中生, 大学生,和研究生.

3) 为学生家长一起来的签证和来美国后的需要提供所有的服务. 详细联系:  电子邮箱:     美国电话:781-559-0564   中国免费直拨美国:950-4037 8774

4) 夏季班结束后,学生将得到结业证书, 可以作为申请美国大学的有力凭证。而且所有参加暑期班的学生均可享受本公司的2年免费留学资询。


Nov. 2013, Boston’s NPR ​Radio Station -WBUR​ has interviewed Patty Chen. The story ran on Monday Nov.25th, 2013 from 5:00am to 9:00am on the WBUR Channel 90.9 FM.

2013年 11月, 波士顿美国国家公共广播电台 – WBUR 专访报道了公司总裁陈艺平 (Patty Chen)。这个故事在周一Nov.25th,2013从上午5:00至上午9:00在WBUR频道90.9 FM播放。

WBUR Radio Station, Boston’s National Public Radio Station ​is doing a story about business and real estate development in Boston focusing on the Downtown Crossing and Chinatown area​. It’s one in a series of stories ​about​ the city​’s​ “Square by Square”​.​ WBUR has interviewed and ​feature​d Patty Chen in the story. The story r​a​n on Monday Nov.25th, 2013 from 5:00am to 9:00am on​ the WBUR Channel 90.9 FM. Please take a look at
​WBUR广播电台,即波士顿美国国家公共广播电台, 正在做一个关于波士顿商业和房地产开发,专注于市区和唐人街地区的故事。这是有关城市“广场由广场”的系列故事之一。WBUR专访报道了公司总裁陈艺平 (Patty Chen)。这个故事在周一Nov.25th,2013从上午5:00至上午9:00在WBUR频道90.9 FM播放。也请看

Wealth Created In China Is Returning To Boston

 (The partial transcript of “In Boston’s Chinatown, Longtime Residents Face An Uncertain Future” at WBUR Channel 90.9 FM)

Those jobs that went overseas aren’t coming back, but the wealth that was created in Chinese factories is now returning to Boston. Chinese nouveau riche are investing their money in luxury real estate here in Chinatown.

“They have a lot of cash — a lot, a lot. So in other words, they don’t know where to spend,” said Patty Chen.

But Patty Chen knows. Her company, located in Wellesley,  advises wealthy Chinese clients on how to get visas and move to Boston. She tells them to buy a home in an upscale suburb and then invest in luxury apartments downtown.

“They not only bought one, they bought two, three, four,” she said. “They can call their friends in China and say, ‘Hey, I have all the condos in the center of Boston. Whenever you go, you don’t need transportation. You can walk to everywhere. So convenient! Fresh air, safe foods, clean water. Boston is unique.’ ”

Boston developers are aggressively marketing to the new Chinese investors.

The websites for the luxury buildings are in Mandarin and Cantonese, and in their showrooms are small guardian lion statues, like the big ones protecting the Chinatown gate.

Developer Pangaro says that a quarter of the sales in his building are to international investors — the Chinese attracted to Boston’s high-quality schools and universities.


Sep. 8th 2013, AABT Boston and Patty Chen Featured in The Providence Journal,The Seattle Times, Columbus Dispatch, People’s Daily Overseas, and over 100 newspapers/internet articles in the USA and China

2013年 9月8日,在美国和中国,  百家报纸/网络文章上报道和转载陈艺平 (帕蒂·陈)和本公司美亚商旅集团-波士顿 American Asia Business Tour Group-Boston 为中国购房者提供卓越品质的全套服务


Patty Chen at front of the company building 帕蒂·陈 ​( 陈艺平) 在公司门前
Patty Chen at front of the company building 帕蒂·陈 ​( 陈艺平) 在公司门前

China’s rich, yearning to breathe free, migrate to U.S.

( by: Froma Harrop, Froma Harrop is a member of The Journal’s editorial board and a syndicated columnist. She can be followed on Twitter: @FromaHarrop.)

Thousands of Chinese are fleeing to the United States. We are not talking about impoverished peasants hiding in cargo containers. We’re talking about millionaires flying first class and buying condos in the choicest ZIP codes. A big reason for this relocation, real estate agents say, is a desire for America’s clean air, as opposed to China’s suffocating smog.

Welcome to the new world of environmental immigration. These are not the “huddled masses” immortalized on the Statue of Liberty’s poem, but they are — quite literally — “yearning to breathe free.”

One can see the point of leaving China if you have the resources. Rust-colored toxic wastes choke its rivers. Sooty air makes eyes itch. And public-health crises in some industrial towns have reached the level that they’re being called “cancer villages.” Who wants to expose the family to that if you can live under Boston’s blue skies and in close proximity to the select U.S. universities you want your kids to attend anyway?

About a quarter of recent buyers for Boston’s top luxury condos have been foreign investors, especially from China and other parts of Asia. A local entrepreneur, Patty Chen, runs a soup-to-nuts relocation service, America Asia Business Tour Group-Boston, helping out with immigration visas, real-estate services, and advice on schools and neighborhoods.

You wonder whether China’s environment would have been allowed to get so putrid if rich Chinese had to gasp the same air as the toilers. One can’t blame them for wanting to escape, but still you wonder.–yearning-to-breathe-clean-air.html


Picture Summer 2012 049


2013-09-10 09:56:37 来源:中国新闻网
[提要]  据美国侨报网编译报道,近来,众多中国富豪前往美国购买房产。据《普罗维登斯杂志》(The Providence Journal)编委会成员、专栏作家弗洛马·哈洛普(Froma Harrop)9月8日撰文称,中国富豪买房的重要原因是渴望美国的新鲜空气。

  中新网9月10日电 据美国侨报网编译报道,近来,众多中国富豪前往美国购买房产。对此,多名房地产代理商表示,由于中国大都市空气污染严重,中国富豪在美国买房的一个重要原因是渴望呼吸新鲜空气。

据《普罗维登斯杂志》(The Providence Journal)编委会成员、专栏作家弗洛马·哈洛普(Froma Harrop)9月8日撰文称,中国富豪买房的重要原因是渴望美国的新鲜空气。

哈洛普提到,在波士顿,四分之一购买豪华公寓的购房者是国外投资者,其中,来自中国与其它亚洲国家的购房者较多。位于波士顿的“美亚商旅集团”(America Asia Business Tour Group-Boston)的老板帕蒂·陈(Patty Chen,音译)致力于为外国人提供购房咨询,该公司为移民提供签证服务、房地产服务、学校与社区选择咨询服务。

除了波士顿,中国购房者也纷纷涌入纽约曼哈顿区买房,房地产经济公司纽约证券(Bond New York)的工作人员迈克尔·陈(Michael Chen,音译)表示,中国购房者喜欢纽约的新鲜空气,同时,在纽约能够更好地平衡家庭与工作的关系。


Sep. 2013, With our team efforts, our company has closed the most amount of real estate deals in 2 months!

2013年 9月, 在我们团队努力下,我们的投资房产者大多在2个月完成交易,得到房产证.

L: Irene Banker, Dorothy, Patty
L: Banker Irene , Dorothy, Patty



 Lawyer Jean did the closing with a investor 过户律师Jean帮助完成交易
Lawyer Jean did the closing with a investor 过户律师Jean帮助完成交易


 Lawyer Jean did the closing with a investor 过户律师Jean帮助完成交易
Lawyer Jean did the closing with a investor 过户律师Jean帮助完成交易


Aug. 2013, For the 4th year, we have helped Chinese students to Boston Tufts University 2013 Summer School

2013年 8月,本公司已经是第4年帮助中国学生来美国波士顿Tufts University 塔夫茨大学上英语暑期班;同时也免费帮助了学生家长签证,一起来到美国.

Below are testimonials from this year’s student participants in 美国美亚商旅集团-波士顿 (America Asia Business Tour Group- Boston) 2013英语暑期班. 参加了美国美亚商旅集团-波士顿 2013英语暑期班的部分学生的评语:

–“I believe that it’s a wonderful journey for every student.”

–“It is a good way to experience life in the USA.”

–“We can talk with people who come from all around the world. It’s really interesting and the program was just amazing.”

–“I learned a lot in this program and made a lot of friends from all over the world.”

–“It is excellent for English training and allowed me to feel more confident and comfortable in an English spoken environment.”

–“Before the English Program, I had never received a class as fantastic as my class. We had a great teacher, friendly international students, and a special, unique class style. I learned a lot of useful things and deeply enjoyed the class.”

Tufts 2

at students welcome-reception of the Tufts University  在塔夫茨大学学生欢迎会上
at students welcome-reception of the Tufts University 2013年7月14日,在塔夫茨大学学生欢迎会上

July 10th, 2013. Patty Chen met up with Hurun in NYC

2013年7月, 陈艺平在纽约市会见胡润

Hurun and PattyChen  胡润 和陈艺平
Hurun and PattyChen 胡润 和陈艺平


Hurun (Rupert Hoogewerf ),  owner of Hurun Report  invited Patty Chen President to a high-end dinner hosted at the Langham hotel at NYC, with only 50 people to celebrate Hurun first time to the US in more than ten years. During the evening, Hurun talked about Hurun and PattyC  Group collaborations,  the latest trends among China’s rich, philanthropy, and what Chinese are doing with the schooling of the next generation. The guests  included VIPs from the companies’ executives,  the Asian Society,  the Committee of 100,, and luxury brands.

胡润百富的胡润邀请陈艺平总裁在纽约市朗廷酒店高端晚宴上, 50人庆祝十余年后胡润第一次到美国。席间,胡润谈到胡润百富和PattyC集团合作,中国富人最新发展趋势,慈善事业,下一代的教育。嘉宾包括来自公司高管,亚洲协会,百人会,奢侈品牌的主管。

Yue-Sai Kan and Patty Chen 靳羽西和陈艺平
Yue-Sai Kan and Patty Chen 靳羽西和陈艺平

June 30th, 2013. AABT Boston and Patty Chen featured in Boston Sunday Globe

Boston Globe


On June 30th,  our company- American Asia Business Tour Group-Boston (AABT-Boston) was featured on the front page of the Boston Sunday Globe, check out the article about foreign investors in Boston’s real estate market here: Overseas buyers flood region’s realty marketWealthy investors, many from China, lift economy

在6月30日,《波士顿环球报》星期日头版上,报道本公司AABT-波士顿和 帕蒂·陈( 陈艺平)的一篇关于外国投资者在波士顿的房地产市场购房:海外买家洪水般涌进房地产市场, 富有的投资者,许多来自中国,提升经济.

AABT-Boston's seminar about Real Estate Investing in USA for a group from China ​美亚商旅集团-波士顿给中国代表团介绍美国房产投资EB5
AABT-Boston’s seminar about Real Estate Investing in USA for a group from China ​美亚商旅集团-波士顿给中国代表团介绍美国房产投资

据《波士顿环球报》(Boston Globe)6月30日报道,波士顿市区的豪华房产,包括位于波士顿W区(W Boston)、45 区(45 Province)以及千禧广场(Millennium Place)出售的奢侈公寓,24%的买主属于海外买主,其中很多投资者是现金付款。

陈艺平(Patty Chen 帕蒂·陈)经营的美亚商旅集团-波士顿(America Asia Business Tour Group-Boston)专门协助中国投资者选购波士顿房产。她介绍,仅仅在2013年春天,她处理的4个不动产交易,金额就达700万美元。中国都市的房价过高,相比之下,波士顿的房产算是物美价廉。

陈艺平(Patty Chen帕蒂·陈)表示,投资者非常高兴能够在波士顿购买房屋,投资金额大概在100万至200万美元。同时,她的公司向顾客提供学校与社区咨询。“我很多朋友的孩子在波士顿,他们正在考虑在这买房。波士顿的房子比北京要便宜得多。”陈说。

除了中国人,来自加拿大、亚洲国家、南美以及欧洲国家的投资者也纷纷在波士顿购房。美国全国房地产经纪人协会(National Association of Realtors)量化研究项目总监杰德·史密斯(Jed Smith)表示,尽管传统上,包括佛罗里达州、加利福尼亚州以及亚利桑那州在内的美国部分地区房产较为吸引海外投资者,但目前,波士顿房产的吸引力也与日倍增。

过去5年,中国经济飞速增长,中国投资者对波士顿房产的兴趣也随之增长。据波士顿贝恩管理咨询公司(Bain & Co。)报告显示,2012年,能够至少投资160万美元的中国富翁数量已达70万人,相比2008年增长一倍。购买房产除了获得利润,投资者购房还出于旅游度假和子女上学的考虑。

房地产销售总监韦恩·洛佩兹(Wayne Lopez)表示,45区的豪华公寓售价在97.5万至500万美元之间,海外投资者购买的房屋占房屋总量的35%。“我们最大的客户群是来自亚洲国家的海外投资者,他们认为波士顿市属于长期投资与子女接受教育的好地方。”他说。

陈艺平(Patty Chen 帕蒂·陈)则表示,中国投资者喜欢选择配有家具的新建房屋。很多情况下,男性投资者是为妻女买房,便于在美国度假旅游。比如最近一位顾客就为17岁的女儿购买了价值135万美元的四居室,他的女儿在劳伦斯市(Lawrence)一所私立中学上学。


 Patty Chen (right) and one of her clients, Jane, in Brookline. Chen helps people from China buy homes.陈艺平(右)和她的客户之一,简,在布鲁克林。陈艺平帮助中国人买房子。
Patty Chen (right) and one of her clients, Jane, in Brookline. Chen helps people from China buy homes.陈艺平(右)和她的客户之一,简,在布鲁克林。陈艺平帮助中国人买房子。

May, 2013. Buying a home in America has never been so easy and so worth it!

2013年5月, 在美国买一套理想的别墅并不难也不贵!

这篇文章刊登在侨报 2013年6月22日 波士顿,23日纽约,新泽西, 费城,华盛顿DC, 工商新闻版。

3 WSL ppPattyC Property Group, headquartered in Boston, home to Harvard and MIT is dedicated to building a trusting and successful relationship with you. We have  helped many Chinese to invest in real estate at USA. In the past 2 months we have sold 4 houses worth $7,000,000 to Chinese investors alone.

Patty Property Group provides you with complete service from the start to the end. We provide/help you with:

-Finding the best house that suits your needs in the most desirable location for an easy sale in the future.

-Negotiating to get the best, most reasonable price for your house.

-PattyC Property has collaborated with Americas banks who can fund you up to 60% of your purchase price.

-Getting you accustomed with the area, giving tours, and helping to start new businesses.

-Helping to find the best school for your child.

We are dedicated to making your house, your home. Satisfy your dreams and promise your child a good future in the USA. Just follow America and China’s most trusted company, PattyC Property Group makes this an easy journey to a quality life.

PattyC Property Group总部位于波士顿,位于哈佛大学和麻省理工学院所在地,是一家专业的美国房地产投资公司。已经帮助许多房地产投资者在美国投资买房。在过去2个月,仅为中国来的投资者已售出房屋价值近七百万美元 ($7,000,000)

 PattyC Property团队为你提供从开始到结束全套完整,个性化,卓越品质的服务。我们的服务包括:

找到最适合你的房子: 在风景如画的位置,交通便利的位置,华人聚集的位置或在学区好的小区,并在未来有高的增值空间用以最大化你的投资回报。现在,在波士顿和附近城镇买一套温馨理想的别墅比在北京或上海买一套公寓还便宜.

为你的房子得到最好最合理的价格: 我们的热情,负责任,高效率和丰富经验的谈判技能不仅能帮你获得最好的房子价格,还能帮你谈判到最好的家居价格,包括豪华的家具,高贵的窗帘,和迷人的花园。 我们甚至还能拿到没有上市的少见的好房子机会。

帮你贷到你需要的资金和最佳利率: 资金最高达到你购买价格的60%。通过一些美国银行,中国来的买房者可以贷款; 程序简单。现在房屋库存量越来越少,好房子和这种最好的贷款机会也不会持续太久.

-帮你从开始到结束全套完整服务: 我们有为你着想为你的利益全力以赴的经纪人, 验房师,估房师,和过户交接律师,使你整个过程简单容易,省钱省心,捷径快速, 愉快顺利地得到你的理想别墅.

为你的孩子安排最好的学校, 让你适应该居住地区的环境,为你全家登陆安居美国,开始新生活新工作做好准备。我们全力为你有个美好的家给你的孩子在美国提供一个美好的未来, 帮你实现梦想。请相信美国和中国值得信赖忠诚你的公司. 

PattyC Property Group




中国免费电话: 950 4037 8774  

地址: 471 Washington St. Wellesley MA, 02482  USA

PattyC Newspaper

5 WSL pp

Tang pp

April 8th, 2013. A Headquarters Conference in Wellesley, MA. Company promises it will be a long term company

2013年4月8日, 在麻州韦尔斯利的总部会议上, 承诺将是一个长期存在的公司

left: Tom Deng, John Harding, Peter Genta, Dorothy Manning, Guo Fang, and Patty Chen. 从左:邓世午, 约翰·哈丁, 彼得·尊达, 多萝西·曼宁, 国芳, 陈艺平.
 Tom , John, Peter, Dorothy, Guo Fang, and Patty. 从左:世午, 约翰, 彼得, 多萝西, 国芳, 艺平.

A headquarters conference at Wellesley office was hold and several team members of the company met to develop a solid foundation on each member responsibilities and to promise on a long term existence of the company. The people who attended were clarified on the goals and updated accomplishments of PattyC Property Group and discussed the values of quality of life and business between China and the USA. Plans were made for the geographical and demographic expansion of the company. We focus on long term.

在麻州韦尔斯利总部办公会上, 公司团队的部分主要成员出席. 会上制定了如何奠定坚实基础和每为同事的责任,并承诺我们公司将是一个长期存在的公司。出席人员明确了目标, 看到取得的成就,并讨论了如何提高中国和美国的高品质生活和高质量业务。公司注重长远, 计划在地理上和人员上将继续扩展。