Sept. 27th 2011, Boston’s Real Estate Developers with Mayor Menino

2011年 9月27日,波士顿市长曼宁诺与房地产开发商

(Jia Hu edited 胡佳稿)


1) Boston Mayor-Thomas Menino 波士顿市长曼宁诺


2) Patty Chen with John E. Drew, President of The Drew Company

Sept. 27th, at  the NOIAP’s meeting-Windows on the Waterfront, which was about real estate projects in the new “Innovation District” in Boston’s Seaport District, our company’s  President, Patty Chen introduced the Investment Program to Boston’s real estate developers of the “Innovation District”.   David Manfredi, a founder of Elkus Manfredi Architects, described the “promise” of this new district as: a vibrant, new mixed use neighborhood; a neighborhood driven by innovation; a place to live, work, play, shop, dine, learn and visit. At the event, Mayor Menino wanted, and now sees forming, a 24-hour, mixed use area that will attract both families and entrepreneurs. Seaport Place is a developed building with 1 million sq. ft. of office space and a full service hotel, another 600,000 sq. ft. came along with Manulife’s headquarters, and  after a few years of waiting, Joe Fallon built the first office building on Fan Pier, a speculative 526,000 sq. ft. tower at One Marina Park Drive.


9月27日,陈艺平(Patty Chen)在NOIAP波士顿海滨窗口的会议,这是关于波士顿海港一个新的创新区房地产建设项目。我公司总裁陈艺平(Patty Chen)向创新区的开发商介绍了中国投资。Elkus Manfredi的创始人大卫曼弗雷迪(David Manfredi),描述了对这个新地区的“承诺”:一个充满活力,新混合使用的邻里;以邻里为目的的创新项目;一个集工作,玩乐,购物,用餐,学习和访问的地方。在活动中,市长曼宁诺(Menino)表明,他希望这个24小时混合使用区将吸引各类家庭和企业家。海港广场已开发100万平方英尺的办公空间和全方位服务的酒店。还有宏利总部(Manulife)的60万平方英尺。几年之后,乔伦(Joe Fallon)建了风扇码头上的第一个办公楼,并在滨海公园径上建了和一个占地526000平方英尺的塔。

3) Boston’s Developers At NAIOP meeting. L: John E. Drew, President of The Drew Company; Stephen Karp, chairman of New England Development; John P. Fowler, Director of HFF; David Manfredi, Partner of Elkus Manfredi Architects Ltd; Charles D. Reid, Vice President of Boston Global Investors, LLC; Edward G. Nardi, President of Cresset Group


Boston Hub developers going with apartments


A top Bay State developer said he’s not convinced that new condos will ever be built again in downtown Boston, especially since everyone is switching over to apartment towers in the wake of the luxury real estate market collapse.

“I assumed our 21-story residential building would be condominiums,” said Stephen Karp, chairman of New England Development, who expects to break ground on the Northern Avenue project at Pier 4 next spring. “But that market has changed so much over the past few years … we don’t think it will come back for a long time, and we don’t know if it will ever come back.”

Karp — who made his remarks to a packed meeting of the commercial real estate group NAIOP at the Renaissance Hotel yesterday — joined a panel of Seaport developers cheering the successes of Boston’s rejuvenated waterfront with a host of new restaurants and offices. But the enthusiasm was tempered with the realization that waterfront condos will have to wait.

Charles Reid, executive vice president of Boston Global Investors, the Boston-based group that expects to start construction next year on Seaport Square, a 6.5 million-square-foot, mixed-use development including residences, offices and retail shops, said the market is not ready for new condominiums. “The biggest four-letter word — beside bank — is condo,” Reid told the Herald. “No lender will finance condominiums right now. Our first phase will be 1,100 apartments.”

Developers say the glut of luxury units and sluggish sales have kept lenders at bay. Three major luxury projects in the downtown have struggled to sell out their buildings. The W Hotel & Residences on Stuart Street has sold just 46 of 123 units, the nearby Clarendon, closed on 66 of 107 units while 45 Province in Downtown Crossing has 44 of 150 units sold, according to the Warren Group.

John Drew, president of the Drew Co., who is planning a 2012 ground-breaking for Waterside Place — which includes a supermarket and 236 residential units across from the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center — said he switched the project from condos to apartments due to market changes.

But Drew said condos could be a part of future development. “Right now, there’s no interest by lenders in projects with hundreds of condos,” he said. “But the markets run in cycles and at some point, they will be back in favor.”




波士顿环球投资执行副总裁查尔斯里德预计明年启动建设海港广场计划,一个650万平方英尺,包括住宅,写字楼及零售店铺的项目。他同时表示市场还没准备好迎接新的共管公寓。里德告诉导报“:”最大的四个字母的单词 – 除了银行(bank) – 是共管公寓(condo)。 “现在没有人会贷款给共管公寓。我们将在第一阶段建1100公寓。“


德鲁有限公司的总裁约翰德鲁,计划2012年开始海湾广场项目,其中包括从波士顿会展中心对面的一家超市和236个住宅单位。 他说由于市场的变化,他选择了公寓套房而不是共管公寓。

但是德鲁说共管公寓可能是未来发展的一部分。 “现在,贷款人对有数百个公寓的项目一点兴趣也没有”他说。 “但是市场运行都有周期,将来的某天,共管公寓会重新得到人们的喜爱。”

Sep.2nd 2011, Meeting with the Director Peter Meade of BRA at Boston City

2011年 9月2日, 与波士顿重建局主任彼得米德在波士顿市举行会议

(Ken C. edited Ken C.稿)

On September 2nd, 2011 Patty, Sally (advisor), Steve (advisor), and Kenneth of the PattyC Property Group met with the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s (BRA) Director Peter Meade and his Chief of Staff, James Tierney at Boston City Hall. Patty Chen introduced the company PattyC Property Group and explained the  investment projects and how we could help in future developments. Mr. Meade mentioned some projects that we could work together with including the redevelopments of South Boston.

2011年9月2日,(PCPG)派蒂克房地产集团 (PattyC Property Group) 陈艺平(Patty ),莎莉(Sally),史蒂夫(Steve),和锺进财(Kenneth)在波士顿市政厅会见了波士顿重建局(BRA)总监彼得米德(Peter Meade)和他的参谋长詹姆斯蒂尔尼(James Tierney)。陈艺平介绍了PCPG及其正在进行的投资项目,同时还介绍了PCPG在将来能够帮助波士顿发展的重要作用。米德先生提出将来有机会会和PCPG合作一些项目,比如南波士顿地区的重建工作。

                                from left: Sally, Peter Meade, Patty, Steve,  Kenneth

August 24th, 2011 Design and Building for the Lake Front Property

2011年 8月,房产湖滨物业未来的设计和建设


from R: Nader T. Dean of MIT; Doreve N. owner of Nicholaef Architecture firm;  Patty Chen,president PattyC Property; property developer ;  Lorne McDougall, Lawyer of EAPD LLP
从右 :麻省理工学院建筑设计院主任纳德据特哈尼(Nader Tehrani); 尼克拉夫建设计公司的 老板 一夫尼克拉夫(Doreve Nicholaeff); 总裁陈艺平, 公司开发商; 律师事务所的合伙人洛恩麦克杜格尔

 (Jia Hu edited 胡佳稿)

On August 24th, 2011 at the headquarters office of the PattyC Property Group, the president Patty Chen had a meeting with the developer of the Ohio Property; Dean of the Department of Architectural Design at Dean of MIT, Nader Tehrani; owner of Nicholaeff Architecture Firm, Doreve Nicholaeff, and partner of law firm Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP, Lorne McDougall. They all provided design and building ideas for the future development of the Lake front property.

2011年8月24日,在美亚商旅集团PCPG总部办公室,总裁陈艺平会见了资产公司开发商, 麻省理工学院建筑设计院主任纳德据特哈尼(Nader Tehrani), 尼克拉夫建筑公司的 老板 一夫尼克拉夫(Doreve Nicholaeff),和Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LPP律师事务所的合伙人洛恩麦克杜格尔(Lorne McDougall)。他们就将来湖滨产业的发展提供了设计和建设的思路。

August 2011, Visited Real Estate Investment Projects at Ohio; joined Chicago Leadership Summit

2011年 8月,到俄亥俄州查看房地产项目; 参加芝加哥5万人领导高峰会议

PattyC Property Group visited the site of their possible investment project. This is intended to be a 4 season mixed use resort community located in Ohio by a Lake.


July 2011, for 2nd year, we help Chinese students to Boston Tufts University 2011 Summer English School

2011年 7月,本公司已经是第2年帮助中国学生来美国波士顿Tufts University 塔夫茨大学上英语暑期班

AABT-Boston brought Chinese students to Tufts University for the English Program stretching from July 17th to August 13th. The students were very happy and learned a lot from this one month program which included activities such as visiting Boston’s famous attractions (The Freedom Trail, JFK Library and Museum, the Museum of Science, New England Aquarium, and Fenway Park) and allowing them to travel to America’s finest cities including New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. Some student’s parents also came to Boston to go sightseeing with them.

2011 年7月17日至8月13日,美亚商旅集团-波士顿(AABT-Boston) 带来中国学生参加了塔夫茨大学英语暑期课程。有些学生家长也一同来到了波士顿。 与其它各国学生在一起,中国学生非常乐意寓教于乐的学习英语强化课程和参加下午的精华景点活动,如访问波士顿的自由足迹,肯尼迪图书馆和博物馆,科学博物馆,新英格兰水族馆,以及芬威公园著名景点,并前往美国最好的城市游览,包括纽约市,费城和华盛顿特区。 中国学生都说收获非常大, 只觉得一个月过的太快了。


May 2011, PattyC Property 10th Anniversary Celebration 2011年 5月 派蒂克房地产集团10年庆祝 波士頓網源公司报道

熱烈祝賀派蒂克房地产集团(美亞商旅集團-波士頓母公司) 成立十週年!

On Saturday 5-22-2011, in the headquarters office building of  PattyC Property Group in Wellesley, MA , PattyC Property Group  celebrated the 10th anniversary of  PattyC Property Group with over 50 attendees. The guests mostly came from the greater Boston area, as well as 16 representatives of Chinese students from 10 universities. During the party, the other subsidiary divisions of PattyC Property Group in New York and in Chicago also sent a warm congratulatory letter and speech .

星期六 (5-22-2011),多家公司受邀來到位於Wellesley of MA 派蒂克房地产集团 (PattyC Property Group) 总部办公室,參加了派蒂克房地产集团 (PattyC Property Group) 成立十週年的慶祝活動。 50幾位來賓來自波士頓各行各業,还有来自10所大學的16位中國學生聯誼會代表前來祝賀!我們的貴賓還有欧美同学会副会长王辉耀和夫人苗绿。派蒂克房地 产集团的另外两家子公司美亞商旅集團-纽约和美亞商旅集團-芝加哥也在庆祝会上送来了热情洋溢的祝贺词.

派蒂克房地产集团 的總裁陈艺平(PattyChen),一位非常有魄力和有遠見,可佩可敬, 更有能力的女士, 向大家介紹了派蒂克房地产集团的成長過程。 雖然我們只聽到看到她的成功結果,我相信在奮鬥中的困難和曲折,,一定有着令人感動, 回味的許多故事。她是從一座房地產投資做起, 發展到目前擁有出租宅群。不僅在房地產投資, 她目光敏銳早期投資於EB5房产投資移民項目. 由於她的傑出貢獻,应美国移民局(USCIS)邀请, 她参加了2010年12月16日等多次电话会议, 并向美国移民局官员提出了中国个人投资者最关心的问题和建议. 美国移民局官员详细解答了问题和接受了建议。(。

集團今年夏天是第2年與著名的Tufts 大學合作,让中国学生在美国名牌大学校园里上英语暑期班, 让中国学生有机会和美国学生在一起开口讲流利地英语。她的高端商务旅游業務主要是为成功人士来美商务旅游提供优质特别 服务。服务范围包括:组织考察美国投资市场, 接触和领略世界一流的房地产、科技、教育领域; 为中国工商企业界的精英和领袖企业家到美国投资考察和做生意提供 一系列帮助并铺路搭桥;为中国所有想到美国投资、经商、 办子女上学,办理投资移民的工商界、 企业界精英打开进入美国的大门。 美亚商旅是商业与大自然和谐的旅游。她带领公司做到了房地產投資,EB5房产投資移民, 房产中介和房产管理,中国子女在美教育,和美国商业旅游, 一条龙服务.到目前為止, 已經成功地為上百位有志華人来美国提供了高质量的个性化服务。

Patty不僅自己事業成功, 她的兒子Troy 更是青出于兰, 也帮助美集團工作。 他目前是就讀與在賓夕法尼亞州的常青藤大學- 賓夕法尼亞大学沃頓商學院,为金融和计算机双学位学生. 沃頓商學院是一個世界上第一所商學院, 也是最著名和傑出的商學院之一。 20歲的他已經編制出應用於股票市場管理的應用軟件, 并且成立了一家资本投资公司 在他與很多大的金融銀行的interview中, 他的軟件收到了大家的极大興趣。他們都花了1/ 3的時間與他討論。他目前已經被 Fidelity Investment Company,一個著名的金融企業錄用, 下個月開始在那裡實習。

想了解更多的信息,請參閱 照片。Tony  and Cathy  提供照片。


March 2011, More Chinese elites came to Boston, MA 2011年 4月, 许多中国英才来到美国学习和访问, 并商谈中美合作



(2011-01-28 23:24:37)
据美国媒体报道,美国投资移民近两年越来越受到各国移民青睐,在2010年财年中,来自中国大陆的投资移民申请居全世界之最,韩国、英国、中国台湾以及印度。 美国投资移民近两年越来越受到各国移民青睐,据移民局2010年第四季度发布的最新统计,在2010年财年中,来自中国大陆的投资移民申请居全世界之最,占移民局全年发放的EB-5签证总数的41%,共计772人。 据移民局的统计,2010年投资移民签证获得者的前五名来源地分别是中国大陆、韩国(295人占16%)、英国(1357%)、中国台湾(945%),以及印度(623%),其它国家和地区总共获得527份签证,占总据美国媒体报道,美国投资移民近两年越来越受到各国移民青睐,在2010年财年中,来自中国大陆的投资移民申请居全世界之最,韩国、英国、中国台湾以及印度。

美国投资移民近两年越来越受到各国移民青睐,据移民局2010年第四季度发布的最新统计,在2010年财年中,来自中国大陆的投资移民申请居全世界之最,占移民局全年发放的EB-5签证总数的41%,共计772人。移民局表示,目前90%左右的投资移民都是以参与区域中心(Regional Centers)开发的方式来进行投资。这主要是区域中心相对于个体企业经营来说更稳定,在计算所创造的工作方面也更有优势。移民局表示,目前90%左右的投资移民都是以参与区域中心(Regional Centers)开发的方式来进行投资。这主要是区域中心相对于个体企业经营来说更稳定,在计算所创造的工作方面也更有优势。 过去两年里,由于美国经济不景气,全美各地涌现出许多以吸引投资移民为融资手段的区域开发项目,纽约市的布鲁克林海军船坞改造项目是这些项目中最受青睐也 是最成功的几个项目之一。在2010年财年中,来自中国大陆的投资移民申请居全世界之最,占移民局全年发放的EB-5签证总数的41%,共计772人。 据移民局的统计,2010年投资移民签证获得者的前五名来源地分别是中国大陆、韩国(295人占16%)、英国(1357%)、中国台湾(945%),以及印度(623%),其它国家和地区总共获得527份签证,占总目前投资移民每一步的申请处理时间平均为5个月左右。



(2011-01-28 11:24:10)

Feb. 2011, 150 Chinese Entrepreneurs visited the USA seeking investment opportunities

2011年 2月,  150名中国商界领袖美国行

From February 9th, 2011for two weeks, the Chinese Entrepreneurs visit Harvard University and the United States, an unprecedented event coordinated by the Huatuo CEO Forum lead by Mr. Yan Jiehe bringing over 150 Chinese Entrepreneurs with an estimated economic power of more than 50 billion RMB. PattyC Property Group have partially organized the trip since 13 months ago.

Arriving first in New York City for a talk with President Bill Clinton followed by a performance by Peter Buffet, they stopped briefly at West Point and then on to a two day conference at Harvard University involving some of the top minds in economic and business theory from China and America. Following this conference, they traveled to Las Vegas and on to California, where they are organizing information sessions and meetings to learn more about investment opportunities in America.

The Huatuo CEO Forum have been successfully held on Sat. & Sun., Feb.12-13, 2011 at Harvard Kennedy School. All the Guest speakers were top-notch well respected professionals. They are ranging from Nobel Prize recipiant, Real Estate Developers, Financial Professionals, Successful entrepreneurs and Bankers. Topics were both educational and informative. The leader of the 150 Chinese Entrepreneurs, Mr. Yan Jiehe’s speeches were very powerful, passionate and motivational. The 150 Chinese Entrepreneurs were impressed on how well the event ran and were very appreciative of the opportunities presented in the Forum. Mr. Yan hinted, that an event run as well as this one, can quite possible achievable to bring in 500 more Chinese Entrepreneurs for next year!

We are also very happy with the event. Many Chinese Entrepreneurs express strong interest in real estate investment in the USA. Many of them also first learned and are excited about the Real Estate EB-5 Investment opportunity and Youth Summer School programs. PattyC Property Group has also invited and networked with some very good Real Estate investment partners for the event, such as Mr.Harold Brown, president of the Hamilton Company. Hamilton Company is one of the largest Real Estate Develop company in New England; Mr.David Lindahl(The Lindahl Group), a famous real estate investor and educator, and Mr. Ori Ron (Hudson Group ), a famous Boston local real estate developer specialized in urban real estate development.

It will be an exciting year for the PattyC Property Group. Many business opportunities are around. Our programs are very well covered for all of our clients’ needs. email:

由华佗论箭智慧国际集团首席专家严介和先生率领的中国商界领袖美国行, 从2月9日起两周,参观考察了纽约、西点军校、波士顿、哈佛大学、拉斯维加斯、洛杉矶等美国城市、著名学府。本次访问旨在促进中美两国文化交流、促进中美 企业家的合作与共赢. 美国派蒂克房地产投资集团(PattyC Property Group) 协助经过13个月的准备,终于迎来了此团访问美国。

这个近200人的庞大代表团,都是来自全国各地的行业领袖与精英,在各自的领域中都享有盛誉。知名企业家有太平洋建设集团董事局主席黄新忠, 天津津保振兴建筑工程有限公司董事长贾喜安,广东新明珠陶瓷集团有限公司董事长蒋文凯,北京柏利德科技发展有限公司董事长唐海林,河南鸿业集团董事长孙改 名,重庆市志航公司董事长湛红兵,北京弘正建设集团有限公司董事长刘会等。代表团在美国期间受到当地各界人士的高度重视。

美国前总统柯林顿9日在纽约接待欢迎代表团, 并举行了首日论坛。12日至13日代表团在波士顿的哈佛大学与来自美国的政界、商界、学术界的领袖人物进行面对面对话与交流,并在哈佛大学举行了首届“哈 佛中美商界领袖年会”。 与这些企业家直接对话的美国嘉宾有哈佛大学著名房地产及金融学教授爱德华•摩骧特,2006年诺贝尔医学奖获得者克雷格•C•梅洛博士Craig Mello、美国波士顿汉密尔顿房地产公司总裁哈罗德•布朗,欧美同学会副会长王辉耀等各界大师。在会上,许多企业家都对在美国投资经商感兴趣,特别是对 美国房地产的投资。 房地产大亨布朗先生说道: “美国的房地产刚从低谷走出,现在是买美国房地产的好机会。投资时一定要找可信的房产商或合作伙伴以减少投资风险” 。总部在波士顿的派蒂克房地产投资集团对投资美国的房地产很有经验, 派蒂克房地产投资集团与纽英伦地区最大,最有名的房地产公司有合作关系,如Mr.Harold Brown’s Hamilton Company汉密尔顿公司, 大伟.林道尔 Mr.David Lindahl’s The Lindahl Group,欧日.让Mr.Ori Ron’s Hudson Group 等。请参看网站:

派蒂克房地产投资集团专门为中国企业家来美投资,经商,移民,子女读书,商业旅游等提供全套服务。 该集团办理EB5移民, 房地产投资, 子女来美读书,夏令营,冬令营和美国商务考察旅游, 是一个能综合美国和中国的优势于一体的大规模的公司。 请参看网站 或电邮


Oct. 2010, at Wellesley MA USA, the first Board of Directors meeting of the AmericAsia Investment Association (The AAIA) 2010年 10月,在韦尔斯利 (Wellesley MA, USA), 第一次美国亚洲投资协会董事会会议

The AmericAsia Investment Association (The AAIA) had a first Executive Board meeting after it was formal established on Sep. 8th, 2010. In the meeting, we clearly defined the mission, clients, and structure of the AAIA ( After the meeting, the part of board directors participated in the Merrill Lynch finance group dinner at the well-known Blue Ginger restaurant with the owner Ming Tsai in Wellesley. The AAIA provides a platform for making investment deals between America and Asia. Any company and organization can use this platform to do business deal. The AAIA governing bodies are the Executive Board and Advisory Board. The founder of PattyC Property Group Patty Chen is a president for The AAIA; the regional vice president of NAI Global Real Estate Company John  is a real estate executive director; the president of Education Without Borders Company Swallow  is a education executive director. The more leaders will be announced in near future. Real Estate Executive Director John  will represent the AAIA to China in February 2011meeting with the Executive Board members of China for same real estate business deals.

这是在美国亚洲投资协会于2010年 9月8日正式成立后的第一次美国亚洲投资协会董事会会议.会议明确了协会的使命, 服务对象, 和机构组成 ( 会后,美国亚洲投资协会部分董事会参会人员在韦尔斯利最著名的餐馆-BluE Ginger Restaurant 与餐馆老板Ming Tsai 和Merrill Lynch finance group 共进晚餐. 美国亚洲投资协会为美国与亚洲之间提供一个投资交易平台.任何公司和机构都可以在此平台上做美国与亚洲之间投资生意.美国亚洲投资协会领导机构由执行董事 会和顾问董事会组成.派蒂克房地产投资集团总裁陈艺平女士 (Patty Chen)任会长; NAI Global 诺屋德集团地区付总裁约翰(John)任房地产执行董事, 美国无国界教育主席晓哲先生(Swallow )任教育执行董事. 今后会宣布更多的协会领导成员. 房地产执行董事约翰将代表美国亚洲投资协会,明年2月去中国会见协会中的中方领导成员.

With the best Blue Ginger Restaurant owner-Ming Tsai.
与最著名的Blue Ginger Restaurant 餐馆老板Ming Tsai


Sep. 2010, Patty Chen president attended the China-US Forum in Boston, met with Minister of Chinese Ministry of Commerce -Wang Chao September , 2010 陳藝平总裁在波士顿出席中美科技論壇,会见中國商務部付部長王超

The fifty top executives of thirty companies from China led by Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Chao, visited to Boston in Sep.18th for the Chinese trade and investment promotion missions. The vice Minister Wang spoke at “Sino-US Science and Technology Innovation and Development Forum” held by the Massachusetts Office of International Trade (MOITI), to enhance the development of Sino-US economic and trade relations between the two countries and promote cooperation, and invited Massachusetts people to Beijing to attend the “Green Industry Expo.” At Nov.24-27th, 2010.

由來自三十多家公司的五十多名高層主管組成的由中國商務部副部長王超率領的中國貿易投資促進團,十八日访问了波士頓.副 部長王超為該部與麻州國際貿易辦公室(MOITI)等合作的「中美科技創新與發展論壇」發表演講,加强發展中美兩國之間的經貿關係和促進合作,并邀请麻州 各界十一月廿四至廿七日,到北京參加「綠色產業博覽會」。

Reference 参考文献:

(左 起) Mass Insight Education董事長Bill Gunther、麻省理工學院人才論壇前任主席段可、MOITI中國部主任吳曉雲、MOITI主任Ted Carr、大唐環球技術朱順利、派蒂克房地产集团总裁陳藝平、行者集團太陽能董事長馬昕、熊貓園(Panda Land)王卓、中國德集團董事長陳奮等人在「中美科技創新與發展論壇」會後合影。(菊子攝)

Vice Minister of Chinese Ministry of Commerce -Wang Chao

Vice Minister of Chinese Ministry of Commerce -Wang Chao spoke at the meeting.


June-July, 2010, The AmericAsia Investment Association (The AAIA) in China to discuss China-US projects collaboration 2010年6-7月,美国亚洲投资协会(筹委会)到中国洽谈中美项目

June 24, to July 10, 2010, The AAIA Delegation, headquartered in Boston, went to Shanghai, Beijing, ChengDe, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong.

The AAIA Delegation had 7 people, including President of PattyC Property Group and Chairman of America Asia Investments Association (organizing) Patty Chen, President of Education Without Borders Company, Swallow, General Manager of HNI International markets Nathan, Co-Founder and EVP of PharmaHub Corp Roger, Vice president of Iowa Realty Company Tim, professor of AIB Business College Rita, and Technology manager of PattyC Property Group Troy .

During the visit, The AAIA met many of China’s outstanding business people and companies, including Chairman and CEO of SouFun Holdings Ltd – Vincent Mo, Chairman of The Global Chinese Real Estate Congress (GCREC) – Ye Jianping, founder of HURUN REPORT -Hurun and president-Sinclair Lu, vice Chairman of Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) and CEO of San Shan Capital Partners -Li Shan, President of Softbank Asia Information Foundation (SAIF)- Yan Yan, President of JuneYao Group-Wang JuneHao, owner of four-star hotel in Chengde City and President of the Chamber of Commerce-Lu KongQiu. DaCheng law firm, the largest law firm in China, invited The AAIA to meet with the leaders and experts of several of China’s central private and state enterprises. We discussed the Chinese enterprises’ investments in US real estate, education projects, and the American enterprises’ investments in Chinese health care and high technology companies. The two sides of the Chinese enterprises and the American enterprises agreed to communicate further about the detailed information and to seek future opportunities for deep cooperation. The Chinese enterprises are 1. Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China. 2. China National Real Estate Development Stock Co., Ltd. 3. China Foreign Economy and Trade Trust Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sinochem Group. 4. School of International studies, Peking University. The AAIA was also invited to participate in the Shanghai Jiaotong University Century of Wealth financial summit, Western Returned Scholars Association 2010 Beijing Forum, and American educational and cultural cooperation summit. We also visited Pangu Plaza office and international apartments, a seven-star hotel west of the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube.

The purpose of The AmericAsia Investment Association’s (The AAIA) trip to China was to take the best advantage of both sides of China’s and the United States’s economic markets in real estate, health care, high technology, and China to US education (students) and training (including business executive training at Harvard University). The projects of cooperation and discussion are a total of 15.

2010 年6月24日到7月10日,总部在波士顿的美国亚洲投资协会(筹委会)访华团到了上海, 北京,承德,深圳,香港。

美国亚洲投资协会(筹委会)访华团一行7人,包括派蒂克房地产投资集团总裁、美国亚洲投资协会(筹委会)主席陈艺平女士 (Patty Chen),美国无国界教育主席、中国侨联海外委员晓哲先生(Swallow ),HNI 国际跨国企业的市场部总经理内深先生(Nathan ),PharmaHub Corp创始人和付总裁谢雷杰先生(Roger ) ,巴菲特旗下公司房地产公司副总裁体木先生(Tim ),AIB商学院教授丽塔女士(Rita ),派蒂克房地产投资集团技术总经理卓伊先生(Troy).

访问期间与中国的杰出人士和企业座谈和会面的有:搜房网董事长莫天全,世界华人不动产学会会长叶剑平,胡润百富的创始人胡润和总裁吕能幸,  瑞士联合银行(UBS)副主席和三山投资公司总裁李山,软银亚洲赛富资基金CEO阎焱, 均瑶集团总裁王均豪, 承德普宁寺四星级酒店老板和承德温州商会 主席卢孔取. 应中国最大的大成律师事务所高级合伙人肖金泉、徐永前、黄兴律师邀请接待,与中央企业和国家企业座谈的有:中国商用飞机有限公司、中房置业股份有限公司、 对外经贸信托投资有限公司、北京大学的领导和专家.洽谈了有关中国企业赴美投资房地产,美国教育的项目和美国企业到中国合作医疗保健,高科技事宜。洽谈双 方表示将进一步沟通有关信息,寻求将来深度合作的机会。美国亚洲投资协会(筹委会)还应邀参加了上海交通大学百年财富金融峰会, 欧美同学会2010北京 论坛, 中美教育及文化合作峰会.也参观了紧临“鸟巢”、水立方西侧的盘古大观的写字楼、国际公寓、七星级酒.


如果需要了解详情和对此感兴趣者,请联系: PattyC Property Group 派蒂克房地产集团


June, 2010, DaCheng law firm, a the largest law firm in China, invited The AAIA to meet with the leaders and experts of several of China’s central private and state enterprises. 2010年6月28日, 美国亚洲投资协会(筹委会)到访中国最大的律师事务所-大成律师事务所

6月28日,美国亚洲投资协会(筹委会)先前访 华团到访大成。大成高级合伙人肖金泉、徐永前、黄兴律师接待了来访嘉宾。美国亚洲投资协会(筹委会)先前访华团的成员主要包括派蒂克房地产投资集团总裁、 美国亚洲投资协会(筹委会)主席陈艺平女士 (Patty Chen),美国无国界教育主席、中国侨联海外委员晓哲先生(Swallow ),HNI 国际跨国企业的市场部总经理内深(Nathan )先生,派蒂克房地产投资集团技术总经理徐卓伊(Troy ) 先生。 访问团来访期间,邀请中国商用飞机有限公司、中房置业股份有限公司、对外经贸信托投资有限公司、北京大学的领导、专家,洽谈了有关中国企业赴美投资 项目事宜。包括美国佛罗里达州奥兰多套房酒店项目投资方案、德州达拉斯市老年公寓以及缅因州布鲁斯威克海军航空兵基地重建项目的相关情况。洽谈双方表示将 进一步沟通有关信息,寻求将来深度合作的机会。



Mar. 2010, Chinese investors are coming to the US in 2010 2010年3月, 搜房网控股董事长莫天全受邀请来波士顿

As a host, we invited the Chairman of China’s biggest online real estate business company- SouFun Holdings Ltd. ( Mo ( 搜房网控股董事长-莫天全) to Boston MA, US on the 26-27th of March 2010. We discussed real estate investment issues in some east and west coast cities for commercial properties, like 4 to 5 starts hotels and A-class office buildings in the US. President Patty Chen awarded Vincent Mo Chairman for being an Outstanding American and Chinese Entrepreneur, to recognize him for growing the Company to the largest real estate information provider in China with operations in 104 major cities since 1999 and his company- SouFun organized 40 Chinese investors to tour New York, California, Boston and Las Vegas on Feb. 24-March 6, 2009 for house-buying opportunities in the US. Chairman Vincent Mo is very interested in developing investments in the US.

Vincent Mo also had a speech at the Harvard Asia Business Conference on March 27th, 2010. At the conference, Vincent Mo was very popular. Many people were really concerned and exited about current over priced real estate in China. But he emphasized that China does not have real estate bubble. 300 million people from the countryside are moving into the cities in the recent 10 years and after these 10 years, another 300 million people from countryside will go to the cities for jobs and livings in China. The houses in China are unsaturated. His index institution analyzes data and monitors the real estate market in China. Now, the company operates in 4 segments: New Houses, Research, Resale & Rental, and Home Furnishing covering all areas in real estate and related industries today.

作为东道主,美亚商旅集团-波士顿在2010年3月26- 27日邀请了中国最大房地产互联网公司董事长 – 搜房网控股有限公司( 莫天全(Vincent Mo)到马萨诸塞州波士顿, 并讨论了在美國东部和西部海岸一些城市投资商业地产, 4-5星級酒店,和A级办公大楼的投资合作。搜房网控股公司在中国, 只在十年里,迅速成长为全球最大的房地产家居网络平台,内覆盖了104城 市,5000员工; 在美国, 2009年2月24日至3月6日组织和举办40名中国投资者到纽约,加利福尼亚,波士顿和拉斯维加斯购房。莫天全董事长对发展在美国的商业地产 投资十分感兴趣。陈艺平总裁并授予莫天全董事长杰出美国和中国企业家奖.

2010年3月27日莫天全董事长受邀在哈佛亚洲商业会议上讲话。在次会议上,首次出现中国地产人的身影,莫天全董事长很受欢迎。许多人很关注中国 房地产很高的价格。但他强调,中国没有房地产泡沫。过去20年里,中国有近3亿人口城市化,他们需要住宅、商场和办公楼。 3亿人口,相当于再造一个美国市场,而别人是用200年时间建造的。未来20年,中国还将有2亿多人口城市化,意味着还有一个美国的增量规模。在中国,房 子是不饱和。他的指数研究院对中国房地产市场的数据进行分析和监测。现在,该公司在3个领域:新房、二手房、家居,及涵盖所有房地产领域和相关行业。


Dec. 2009, Met Maine State Executive Director of Regional Authority for Navy Air Station Redevelopment

Meeting and dialoguing on several of the Land Use Districts, such as the Community Mixed Use, Professional Office District, Residential District, and potentially the Education District, coordinating with NAS-B and the MRRA plans, to fit the desired requirements and goals of MRRA and environs by introducing Chinese  investors.


Oct. 2009, Discussed a business with Barbara Corcoran – Owner of the Real Estate Business

On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 8:20 AM, Patty Chen wrote:

Dear Barbara Corcoran,

I am very excited and looking forward to working with you.

I admire your strong character and great sense of business. I am very proud of you as you are the only woman out of five outstanding entrepreneurs in the Shark Tank TV show.

I am a real estate investor in apartment complexes and started the company in 2001 ( Because I have deep connections with China’s  entrepreneurs, we provide business services between Asia and the United States through collaboration, partnership, and representation with China’s  entrepreneurs and companies for real estate investment and service-on-demand in America for the businesses between the United States and China.

I look forward to hearing from you and talking with you soon.

Best regards, Patty Chen



On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 1:00 PM, Barbara Corcoran wrote:

Hi Patty,

I so appreciate your contacting me about your businesses and I hope you keep your enthusiasm pursuing your dream…


… Barbara





June 2009, Business with Doreve Nicholaeff Architect in Cape Cod, MA for a Place of making business deals between the United States and China

Doreve Nicholaeff holds a Master degree of Architecture in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), founded well-known Nicholaeff Architecture + Design in 1986 working in California and New England. The firm has built their philosophy on the belief that building should be emotive, warm, inviting, beautiful and inspired; a place for rejuvenation and life. She designed a building is an excellent place of making business deals between the United States and China in our company-AABT Boston.


May 2009, Patty Chen co-assisted Paul Krugman – Peking University Debate

2008 Nobel Prize winner in economics, Princeton University professor, world outstanding economist – Paul R. Krugman on May 11-13, 2009 visited China. He had a speech at Peking University and debated with China’s top economist- Li Yining, China Pacific Construction Group Chairman of the Board-Yan Jiehe, president of Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management -Zhang Weiying, Qinghua University Professor-Li Daokui, etc.  Patty Chen had co-assisted to participate the activities in Beijing. The three companies are PattyC Property Group, S & T Global Inc., And the East Runming Technology Development Co., Ltd.


March 2009, invited Bill Gates to China Wealth Philanthropy Conference at behalf of Hurun

Dear Bill and Melinda Gates:

We are writing this letter on behalf of Mr. Rupert Hoogewerf (Chinese name Hu Run), a founder of the most influential and recognized CHINA RICH LIST and Chinese entrepreneurial magazine-HURUN REPORT ( It is our great honor and pleasure to invite Mr. and Mrs. Gates to attend the celebration ceremony of the 6th annual China Philanthropy List in May 2009 in Shanghai, China. We are very excited to know that Mr. Gates intended to launch a campaign to get the wealthiest Chinese to take the charitable work in a press conference during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland this January. It will be a perfect timing and opportunity to combine the strength and vision of both parties to promote philanthropy in China. Please allow us to give you a brief introduction of Mr. Rupert Hoogewerf, his organization and the China Philanthropy List below.

By publishing the first ever CHINA RICH LIST on Forbes magazine in 1999, HURUN REPORT is now widely recognized as the foremost authority in tracking the rapid changes in China’s entrepreneurial community. In 2004, Mr. Hoogewerf was named one of the 100 Top Influencers in China’s Globalization by Global Entrepreneur magazine. In 2005, China Entrepreneur magazine named the Hurun Report China Rich List as one of the ten most important business events of the past twenty years. In recognition of his contribution to the understanding of wealth creation in China, Hoogewerf was awarded the prestigious “2002 Person of the Year” by News Weekly Magazine. Other winners have included Zhong Nanshan (2003), the SARS whistleblower; Liu Xiang (2004), China’s first Olympic gold medalist in track and field; Li Yuchun (2005), winner of China’s inaugural Super Girl, the Chinese equivalent of American Idol in the US; and Yi Zhongtian, for his reinterpretations of Chinese classics.

Grown up and educated in the Europe, Mr. Rupert Hoogewerf always recognized the importance of charitable missions. In 2004, when philanthropy, charity, and donating were all new words in China, Mr. Hoogewerf published the first China Philanthropy List to encourage and promote charitable contribution from Chinese entrepreneurs. His list draws on a survey covering 2,500 entrepreneurs on the Chinese mainland. In the latest (2008) list, the country’s top 100 philanthropists have given away 12.9 billion ($1.8 billion) since 2003, with education, social welfare, and poverty reduction attracting the most donors. Twenty-seven donors each gave more than 100 million yuan ($14.6 million) this year, compared to 15 donors last year. The report, which also compiles an annual list of the country’s wealthiest people, found that 66 of the top 100 philanthropists also ranked in China’s 100 wealthiest this year, up from 54 last year. The charity lists have created a favorable social environment for the development of the country’s philanthropy sector, said Zheng Yuanchang, director with the social relief office of the Ministry of Social Affairs. Now the publishing of the annual China Philanthropy List becomes the most media covered and reported philanthropic event in China. Hurun Report also hosts the biggest charity fund raising event in China each year, attracting hundreds of philanthropists whose names appear on the China Rich List and China Philanthropy List, with a total contribution of more than $10 million. Under his influence, more and more wealthy people are setting up their own charitable funds, and the whole society is paying more attention to charity. For example, The Capital Philanthropy Federation has announced in November 2008 that December 3 is Capital Philanthropy Day in China’s capital, Beijing, and that it will hold public welfare activities on that day to promote charity undertakings in the city.

Although we have seen some progress in charity work in China in the past few years, there is a lot more that needs to be done, especially in the current challenging economic environment. In May 2009, Hurun Report will publish its 6th annual China Philanthropy List and host a celebration event to recognize the great achievement of these philanthropists and further promote charitable giving through the mass media coverage to the Chinese people. We would like to formally invite Mr. and Mrs. Gates to attend this most important annual charitable event in China and to give a keynote speech. As one of the world’s most generous philanthropists and an icon of promoting charity work, your participation in this event will have a profound impact on encouraging future charitable contribution by the rich and wealthy people in China and on promoting the concept of giving back to society. It will also present a great opportunity to establish a network.

We will send a detailed schedule to you and make further arrangements. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Patty Chen on behalf of Mr. Rupert Hoogewerf