Sep.2nd 2011, Meeting with the Director Peter Meade of BRA at Boston City

2011年 9月2日, 与波士顿重建局主任彼得米德在波士顿市举行会议

(Ken C. edited Ken C.稿)

On September 2nd, 2011 Patty, Sally (advisor), Steve (advisor), and Kenneth of the PattyC Property Group met with the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s (BRA) Director Peter Meade and his Chief of Staff, James Tierney at Boston City Hall. Patty Chen introduced the company PattyC Property Group and explained the  investment projects and how we could help in future developments. Mr. Meade mentioned some projects that we could work together with including the redevelopments of South Boston.

2011年9月2日,(PCPG)派蒂克房地产集团 (PattyC Property Group) 陈艺平(Patty ),莎莉(Sally),史蒂夫(Steve),和锺进财(Kenneth)在波士顿市政厅会见了波士顿重建局(BRA)总监彼得米德(Peter Meade)和他的参谋长詹姆斯蒂尔尼(James Tierney)。陈艺平介绍了PCPG及其正在进行的投资项目,同时还介绍了PCPG在将来能够帮助波士顿发展的重要作用。米德先生提出将来有机会会和PCPG合作一些项目,比如南波士顿地区的重建工作。

                                from left: Sally, Peter Meade, Patty, Steve,  Kenneth